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Why Should you Attend Pune TechSparks? - Shradha Sharma

Sunday June 05, 2011 , 3 min Read


As Organisers, we at YourStory, can give you n number of reasons for attending Pune TechSparks. But here, let me give you 5 tangible reasons for attending TechSparks Roundtable in Pune. After all, its your Saturday afternoon and you need to take a call on how you should spend it.1. We all know the success story of JustDial and QuickHeal. Both these ventures represent the stride which Indian entrepreneurship has taken. But they have not been an overnight success. Many a difficult days and challenges shaped up what today we perceive as successful enterprises. Lets hear the Founders behind these ventures talk, engage and share on what it takes to not give up, what are the critical parameters to succeed and what are the small and big things they did differently. We are lucky to get these gentlemen amidst us on 11th June and its time for you to engage with them.

2. Janakiram from Amazon Web Services, is clearly an expert who has been active at the ground level ushering the tech jumps taking place in India. His considerable experience working with enterprises and enabling them scale is well known, now lets hear him talk in simple terms on Cloud and let him demystify Cloud for us. He has assured us that he will be taking the queries of techies and entrepreneurs on the sidelines of the event too.

3. Prashant Choksey, Co-Founder of Mumbai Angels, who has been at the helm of angel investing in India, will share his nuggets of learnings and advise for Tech Startups. And yes, he is going to keep his talk simple, focused and result oriented.

4. Panelists - Shailesh Lakhani from Sequoia Capital, Probir Roy, Co-Founder, Paymate, VimalRaj Abraham, IBM, VSS Mani, Founder Just Dial and Kris Nair from Opdrage Venture Partners will get into the real Go to Market strategies for Tech startups- they will debate, suggest and take questions from our Pune audience.

5. Last but not the least, you will have meaningful networking over coffee with fellow Entrepreneurs, Media and Investors. We have invited the best of best from all these categories and thankfully they have confirmed. We are very excited. Hope you find it exciting too.

Please allow me to thank all the bloggers, media and Pune evangelists who are helping us out. Special thanks also to Mr.Anand Deshpande for hosting us at Devang Mehta Auditorium.

Special thank you to Sequoia Capital, Google, IBM, AWS for partnering with TechSparks and enabling us to go to different cities.

My team and I look forward to hosting you.

Please block your calendar if you haven't done it already.

To register to attend Pune RRT click here.