Baldwin F. Dias, Encoresys, A Smart Grid Company

Sunday August 07, 2011,

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Encoresys embeds technologies to manufacture innovative devices in the energy sector. We at recently caught up with Baldwin F. Dias, founder of Encoresys, to know more about his venture.

Baldwin, tell us about Encoresys.

Encoresys is a smart grid company into manufacturing of smart energy meters and intelligent grid systems. We use technology to manufacture innovative devices in the energy sector. The challenge is to develop robustness in harsh environments. We achieve this by repeated testing and using cutting edge technologies in our development processes.

Let us know more about your product offering.

Encoresys product line includes various smart energy meters. The customers can monitor their energy usage by using free power monitoring tools, and our pre-paid meters can help the customers to avoid bill discrepancies and help the rented premise owners to get rid of billing problems.

What are the benefits of your products.


Our intelligent smart grid systems help in building a robust grid by detecting various parameters in the distribution system, leading to reduction of losses for power generation companies. Our intelligent grid systems help the power generation and distribution companies to monitor the grid in real time and add intelligence to it, thereby minimizing the loss and helping them to build a smarter grid. This not only helps the end user to save money but also saves energy by adding intelligence to the grid. Thus helping the planet to go green!What technologies do you use to build your products?

We use technologies like embedded programming, RTOS, advanced communications technologies & database software etc.

Who are your customers?

Government organizations, private power generation companies, micro-grids, industries, data centres and control panel industries are our customers.

You work closely with National Instruments(NI). How does this tie-up work?

National Instruments' devices and software has been of great help to us, it has helped us to minimize the time in designing advanced meter test bench. NI's industry standard software has helped us a lot in avoiding smart meter rejection by repeated testing. The whole design has become an important asset for our company, as it helps us in improving the quality of our products and avoid meter rejections on fields, which indirectly avoids loss to us and to the power distribution company and the customer. NI's tech support is an excellent service as they provide really quick solutions. NI's website offers many webinars and program source code which help solves most of the problems and we highly recommend it to anybody working in this field.

How do you benefit from the tie-up with NI?

Its been great to work with National Instruments, specially during the start-up stage. National Instruments provided the hardware and software at concessional rate to us and had helped us to build great technology tools, which is helping us to build better smart energy meters and carry on rugged testing.

Where do you see Encoresys in three years time?

Encoresys plans to enter into utility metering business, that includes Gas meter, water meter etc by initially tapping the biggest metering business i.e electricity metering which we are already doing. We aspire to be the biggest smart grid company in India, and in three years time we plan to enter into all the utility metering segments and target export markets and introduce new innovative smart grid devices.

To learn more about this venture, visit their website

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