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Friday August 19, 2011,

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We at are proud to share with you the top 10 apps selected through TechSparks™ 2011 App4India. Here’s a quick look at each of the 10 App4India finalists: 


1000Lookz is a virtual beauty makeover app created by VDime Innovative Works LLC, designed to help women check out the best shades on their skin tone on their own photos without spending a dime. The app, a brainchild of IIT Madras alumni Vasan Sowriraj, allows the user to upload her photo or choose a model which matches with the user’s skin tone and features. The user can then add features like foundation, blush, gloss, eye-shadow, eye-liners and lipstick from leading brand names like Pur Minerals and Flawless You Forever (FYF) to virtually go to different make-ups and makeovers using real time facial image processing, facial features identification & skin tone detection technology. Along with these facial makeup features, 1000Lookz lets women to virtually adjust nail color tones and share their new colorful nails with friends through Facebook or through email. After customizing your look, 1000Lookz allows you to buy the products used during the makeover online. This saves the user from unnecessary purchases and time spent in trials in makeup shops. With 1000Lookz, your makeover transformation becomes a breeze!


Hindi Consonants

Hindi Consonants app is an educational game to help kids familiarize themselves with Hindi consonants and their sounds. The app is created by Apptility Software as part of their Fliplog learning series. Kids can listen to the sound of the alphabet along with familiar words with the same beginning sound. The app features multi coloured doodling to practice writing the consonants. To attract kids, the app also features a quiz game and a puzzle to make the learning experience a fun one. The quiz asks the child to recognize the beginning sound of a word and the puzzle helps the child get familiarized with the order of the alphabets. Hindi Consonants looks to break the norms by making learning a fun and interactive experience!


India TV Guide

India TV Guide is a mobile app developed by Bangalore-based Jini Labs, which provides the user with Indian TV listings on the mobile. India TV Guide covers TV listings for over 150 channels telecast in India. Along with listings, the app allows the user to set reminders and alerts for shows, create a list of favourite channels making it easy to access listings in one place and search for programmes and channels. The app is designed in such a way that the user receives alerts irrespective of whether the phone is offline or online. In a country obsessed with TV shows and programmes, India TV Guide is an app which helps organize your TV viewing schedule on the go!


Indian Railway Lite

Indian Railway Lite is an app created by RSG Software Services Pvt Ltd which helps travellers find their way around the Indian Railway system. The app lets you find trains by entering your origin and destination, search by train name, train number and also station search. The app also allows the user to find out train connections between stations, find trains running through a particular station and access the Indian Railways website services. The search results display complete route info, including changeover stations making it easy for the traveller to make an informed decision. Once the journey is planned, the route map and various stops and timings are displayed for the train journey. Travellers can also locate the nearest station using the locate station GPS feature on the app. With the largest railway network in the world, India has a highly organized rail solution available on the web. Indian Railway Lite looks to make that available to mobile users, making train travel and rail bookings possible on the go.


inStocks BSE/NSE Stock Markets Live

inStocks is an Indian stock market application developed by Snapwork which helps users keep up with changes in the Indian economy. inStocks BSE/NSE Stock markets provides live market commentary along with the latest stock market news, NSE F&O, Equity Futures and options, BSE / NSE Intraday charts and Indian company stock quotes. Users can keep track of their stock portfolio with stocks watch list. inStocks also provides the user with stock tips and business news from across Indian business sources. The business world is changing fast, especially in India. With inStocks BSE/NSE Stock Markets Live, you have constant access to that fast moving world in the palm of your hands.


Math Tables Karaoke

Math Tables Karaoke is a math learning game developed by Rega Interactive. The app is a game to help reinforce the learning of multiplication tables in a more interactive way. The app has 3 levels of difficulty for children of different levels. The app has the three options – Learn, Karaoke and Quiz. The learn mode provides selection of tables from 1-10. Once selected, a row by row table gets clearly narrated along with a display so that the player can learn and practice narrating along. The Karaoke mode has options to record the player narrating a particular multiplication table and can play it back as many number of times. In the quiz mode, a random set of numbers for multiplication are shown to test the child. The results show both speed and correctness of answering each question. Overall, Math Tables Karaoke makes the mundane job of learning multiplication tables, fun and interesting.



MyCityWay India is a real-time, user driven, geo-aware urban reference app for mobile devices. Users can find local restaurants, hospitals, events, parking locations, utility services, Wi-Fi locations, book movie tickets and much more using the MyCityWay app. As an all-inclusive mobile app, MyCityWay India also offers users the ability to interact with business locations or services and read or write consumer reviews. The app is currently available for 5 Major Indian cities Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Location discovery and navigation plays a major role in everyday city life. MyCityWay provides information across 50 different categories (Dining, Nightlife, Tourism, Shopping, Transit, etc) and helps users to access urban information with ease.


Mystery Land of Aksharit

"Mystery Land of Aksharit" is a word game for Indian languages. Through this app, a child or language beginner can learn to recognize Aksharas and Matras and build a vocabulary of common words. "Mystery Land of Aksharit" is a fantasy game where various items have been taken captive by an Evil genie and the child has to free them by solving puzzles with the help of ‘Akku’ – the friendly rat. Along the way, the child collects ‘tokens’ and adds various colourful items to his beautiful ‘collection’. Difficulty increases with every level with levels consisting of words covered by fog spread by the Evil Cat. The child has to solve the challenges using lifelines such as "Magic Mirror" (seeing the letters covered under the fog) and "Magic Ear" (hearing the covered letters) to complete the game. Mystery Land of Aksharit looks to make Indian language learning enjoyable through the engaging gameplay and interesting storyline of the game.


Tuk Tuk 2

Tuk Tuk 2 is a dynamic GPS based auto-fare calculator application developed by MindHelix Technologies. This application helps in bringing fairness to Indian Auto rickshaw industry. It enables the user to be in more control of his travel, check where exactly he is being driven to, checking the fare and the distance he/she is travelling. The app also uses technology to provide real-time updates using GPS, path calculation to trace the journey route and automatic selection of locations. Tuk Tuk 2 ensures that horrid auto journeys and auto fare exploitation become a thing of the past.


Krishna 3D

Krishna 3D is an app build by Shoonya which takes the user through a virtual experience in the temple of Lord Krishna. The 3D experience brings the user inside the temple with a rendition of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra in the background. The app allows the user to perform a pooja to the great Lord, get enchanted by the Lord’s Aarti, sound the temple bell and take a walk around the temple complex to complete the darshan. With Krishna 3D, the complete temple darshan is brought to the mobile.


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