Villgro Awards: Honoring the best in the Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship ecosystem

Friday October 14, 2011,

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Villgro Awards recognize and felicitate outstanding individuals, enterprises and institutions in the Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship eco-system, for their contribution in effecting a sustainable change in society.

The accolades will be conferred at Uncovention 2011– the flagship social entrepreneurship conference of Villgro. Nominations are invited across the categories of Lifetime achievement, Social Enterprise, Social Investor, Media House, Journalist, Grass root innovator, Social Incubator, Academic Contribution. To nominate click here. The last date for nominating is October 31st, 2011. Previous winners of the Villgro Awards include Dr.Devi Shetty – Founder Narayana Hridayalaya, SELCO India, India Today Group, Shradha Sharma – Founder, Acumen Fund and CNBC TV18.

Description of the categories:

Social Enterprise Category

The Social Enterprise Award is given to organisations which are likely to become role models for start up & early growth social enterprises. These organizations have either an innovative product or an innovative business model to impact society at large. These organizations have proven to be commercially viable and have immense potential to scale – in terms of size, quantity & vo lume. They have either achieved that stage in the organizations’ growth path or will reach it in a couple of years.

Such organizations also have the potential to be replicated across geographies. The enterprises would not only have created value for investors, but have also transformed them into enduring organizations which have had a deep beneficial impact on a wider community and society at large.

Social Investor Category

The Social Investor award is presented to Angel Investment, Venture Capitalist firms or individual investors who have promoted social entrepreneurs in their ventures. These organizations are strongly committed to the cause of promoting social entrepreneurship. Their portfolio reflects their investments across sectors that promote rural development. These organizations are very organized and successful in their investment patterns and have a commendable track record to show. These organizations also inspire fellow firms to consider investing in the social sector.

Media Award

Media forms an important part of the society. Media also plays an important role in unearthing and bringing to fore, enterprises that have a humble beginning. In this regard, this award is presented to media houses that recognize the importance of Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship and dedicate sections of their air time or space to report on the cause. These media houses either have exclusive segments or include reportage on the social sector in their daily schedule.

Journalist Award

Journalists add life to news. Given that the social enterprise sector is quite niche, it calls for thorough research and sound presentation skills to carry the cause out to the masses. This award is presented to Journalists who have a deep interest in the space and present well researched columns and stories on the Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. These media professionals are an active part of the eco system and keep themselves abreast about the developments and dutifully report them to their readers.

Incubator Award

The Incubator Award is presented to incubators of start-up & early growth social enterprises. These organizations form the real backbone of the ecosystem and are instrumental in promoting Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship. These incubators adopt robust standards in their incubation strategy and methods. They have a growing portfolio of successful incubatees and are constantly on the outlook of building the ecosystem. The incubator also has a track record of successfully exiting out of some of their incubatees. The incubator has systems & processes in place to be able to carry out incubation activities effectively & efficiently.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to an individual who has contributed to the sector in myriad ways. He/She would have demonstrated leadership and risk-taking ability in integrating social issues into business practice. The lifetime achievement award is presented to a leader & visionary who has found innovative solutions for India’s most pressing social problems, and who has been both demonstrably effective and widely influential. The individual should have contributed in policy advocacy & enabled research for the sector.

Grassroot Innovation Award

The Grassroot Innovation Award is presented to individuals who are driven to innovate. The solutions that they develop, be it product or service, have the potential to become market ready products which can impact scores of people in rural areas. These individuals are driven solely by the passion to make a difference and stay committed to effecting a change in the country’s progress.

CSIE (IIT-M) – Villgro Academic & Research Contribution Award

CSIE(IITM) (Center for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IIT Madras) – Villgro Academic Contribution Award is presented to an individual (faculty, researcher) or organisation for furthering the cause of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship through knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination in academic setup or otherwise. The ways of contribution may include education, incubation and mentoring within the academic environment, imparting training to practitioners, conducting fundamental research etc. Demonstrated outcomes may be in the form of academic courses, publications, incubated social enterprises and mentoring to bring out successful social entrepreneurs. These may also include organization of student events, research conferences, work in intellectual property / knowledge transfer etc. Eligible organisations may be centers within academic institution (including student led e-cells) or research organisations.

To nominate click here. The last date for nominating is October 31st, 2011.