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Saturday November 12, 2011,

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Bulkr promises of helping you do really cool stuff with your pictures. The tool’s creator Prakash Bajracharya, shares that you could download all your photos in a bulk seamlessly from the popular photo-sharing site Flickr in one click – hence it makes up for what Flickr missed on. It has been installed more than 200,000 times and has been featured on 2,000 blogs.Jubin Mehta, from chats up with extremely bright developer to know more about Bulkr and a bit about himself as well --

If you have uploaded, say 10,000 photos on Flickr over the years, it can be a daunting task to get them back to your computer, or you might want to have a copy of all those on your new laptop.

Bulkr, the desktop tool comes to your rescue and lets you easily download photos from Flickr.

“Contrary to the already existing tools, all of which are platform specific, Bulkr is platform agnostic,” explains Prakash enthusiastically.

“The tool is capable of downloading tens of thousands of photos and comes with an auto-resume feature which will resume download if the connection breaks,” he adds.

Bulkr was built from scratch to version 0.1 beta in three weeks. Many features were added in the next one year. He says from experience that new features should be added only when a lot of users ask for them. This works out well in the long run and the product will have what users actually need - not what you think the users need.

How successful has Bulkr been?

I created Bulkr because I needed to download all my Flickr photos. I wasn't chasing success or anything back then. But apparently, a lot of people have the same problem I had. And because Bulkr solves that problem, it's used by a lot of users. It's been used to download more than 56+ million photos as of this writing and it's the #1 desktop app on Flickr App Garden.

Does Bulkr generate revenue?

Bulkr is always free to install and use. You can try out almost all features without paying anything. But some features are available only after Bulkr PRO is unlocked. For instance, you cannot download original size photos from Flickr - only large images. And you can download 100 photos in a batch using the free version - the PRO version lets you download 500. We generate revenue by selling Bulkr PRO licenses.

How did you get hooked on to coding? Is it a knack or something you mastered along the way?

I've been interested in computers since I can remember. And programming has always felt very natural. Back in school (When I was 13), I would be coding games, when my classmates would struggle with the basics of programming. I have always been fascinated with the idea that you could make computers do what you want with code. That kept me interested, and I have spent a major portion of my life learning and mastering the art of programming. These days I'm more into the business side of things, but I code frequently to bring different ideas to life.

How do you spend your non coding hours?

I am very passionate about photography. So it's always on the list-of-things-to-do when I'm out and about. Many of my photos are uploaded to Flickr - Other than that, I sling angry birds at pigs and play other casual games on my Android. And of course, playing with my cat is a daily chore!

The tool also has an option to download Creative Commons licensed photos uploaded to Flickr by other users.

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