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ADVERTISEMENT An Online Platform that Organizes Advertisements An Online Platform that Organizes Advertisements

Friday May 25, 2012 , 3 min Read

Posterlabs Media Pvt. Ltd was set up about a year ago by two graduates- Gyan Poddar, a software engineer with an experience of 2 years in the IT domain and Utkarsh Singh, an Electronics and Communication graduate with 5 years of experience in the field of web application development. The company, which was recently angel invested is a single, integrated user-friendly online media platform which enables various utilities and customizations that make advertising easy.

Posterlabs enables the customer, as well as the advertiser to view all information on the platform and bid/book OOH Media, Print Media and Local Cable TV Ad slots simultaneously. In addition to all these services, various deals and offers are provided to the user, in terms of media requirements and service.

They are also the first media company in the advertising ecosystem to employ online services and web technology and apply them to e-commerce. “We are not just another common media company”, insists Gyan. “We focus on and undertake a lot of innovations. We’re discovering new media services which have great returns on investment but are unreachable for the advertisers.

Gyan is reminded of the challenges Posterlabs has been through. “After the technical development for OOH, Print media and Cable TV Ads, contacting the vendors across India and negotiating with them for rates was the biggest challenge for us,” he says. Today, with 20,000 outdoor sites listed in 250 cities and towns in India and accepting ads from 10 newspapers and 20 cable services, the company has indeed gone places within just one year of its launch.

Gyan Poddar

Deals and details of media provided by Posterlabs work well for SME’s, who cannot afford costly advertising”, says Gyan. “We are in talks with many media owners to get better deals for SMEs”. Indeed, Posterlabs’ OOH Media association with Pune-based Ecabs helped them execute their plans within their budget. With offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, expansion plans and setting up offices abroad would be the next logical step. “We are planning to take Posterlabs to Singapore and Europe by the end of next year”, says Gyan. Speaking of the latest angel investment backing that Posterlabs received, Gyan adds “Bizintegrated, a Pune based, investor invested in our company. They are providing us all the help we need financially for infrastructure, operations, marketing and advertising”.

Gyan and Utkarsh conducted quite some research prior to the launching their venture. With a drive to ensure transparency, efforts are made to verify that only completely legal and ready-to-advertise and accurate advertisements are shown. Adding to the transparency is the rating system that provides great help for advertisers during their campaign.

Do check their website out here.