RedBytes: Delivering Learning Solutions to Make Education Fun


Redbytes software is a company engaged in delivering high quality user experiences on the mobile platform. “Working closely with schools and publishers we are a company helping deliver learning solutions primarily in the education sector.” says founder Altaf Rehmani. “We believe that true learning happens when a child is engaged, involved and having fun in the process. Our mantra is to make education fun.” he adds about Redbytes.Altaf Rehmani has had more than a decade of corporate experience and along with a strong hold over technology; he has also served as a Professor at the Indian School of Business and Media. Based out of Pune, Redbytes has four senior people at the helm of their 20 member team to look after app development, marketing, educational content and operations.

Altaf started an app development company after a few hard learnt lessons from previous ventures. “A typical startup product cycle is 15 odd months long. One has to fail a few times to learn and succeed. After a couple of failures, we were looking to do niche products which would allow us either to fail or succeed quickly within a reasonable amount of time. Apps are the perfect way to do that. They are the new web.” believes Altaf.

The apps Redbytes makes are focused for kids in the 2-6 age group and are marketed under the brand name of Tinytapps (tiny+tapping).

“After a couple of ventures which did not do very well (ushops, an online marketplace to buy and sell good and, an online website to perform technical testing of candidates), we sort of closed everything down and went full time into apps. We were fascinated with the advent of mobile devices.” says Altaf. “We also got inspiration from seeing our own children growing up with mobile devices and were amazed at how quickly they could learn from these devices.” He adds. This urged them to start out with a strong belief in apps coupled with a need for improving education for early learners.

Redbytes has Sajeda Jamal, the educationist who helps in better administration of the study standards. An eye is kept as to what is being taught in nurseries and kindergartens globally so that the bar can be raised higher. Adhering to a list of skills a toddler needs to acquire during early years of education, Redbytes maps the skills and topics to come up with a list of goals for an app fitting a topic. A team of artists, illustrators, programmers, sound artists, testers make the entire development process possible as it passes from one phase to the next.Revenue generation and Marketing

“25% of operating revenue comes from app sales directly and this will go up. The rest comes from services as we have a few local and international projects going on at any point in time.” informs Altaf about the revenue model.

Up till now, they’ve relied upon the app store for getting discovered but it’s always a challenge to attract eyeballs among 600k more apps. Visibility of the apps is a challenge and Redbytes is trying to improve upon that with more networking via schools and publishers.

Noteworthy points

  • Rippling Rhymes, All About Shapes and Fun with Arabic are the most popular apps with more than 12,000 downloads.
  • Redbytes is the brand ambassador for ansca mobile - whose sdk they use for app development.
  • The team at Redbytes loves to share knowledge and thus has a training division as well.

What does the future hold?

  • Coming up with a complete program for schools introducing mobile learning within the classroom
  • Teaming up with international publishers to convert their niche content into a world class user experience.

On an inspiring concluding note, Altaf mentions, “The desire to make a blockbuster app with a zillion downloads making education better for as many children keeps me awake at nights. This drive makes me come to office every day and work towards that aim.”

Check out their services and training here and the products here.


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