10 Twitter Savvy Investors from India

12th Aug 2012
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Twitter has been a revolution and is a very potent tool for communication in this age. It has made celebrities and people who you'd not communicate with on a regular basis, approachable. Talking about the #startup world, VCs are the most fought for people and the ones everyone wants to talk to, be it entrepreneurs or journalists. Twitter has made these people more easily approachable and are well, just an '@' away. The choice still remains with the VC but many have adopted the platform and are swift and regular tweeters. Here, we look at some of the most prolific tweeters from the investing sector in India (alphabetical order).

 1) Alok Kejriwal

Founder of Contest2Win.com, Mobile2Win.com, Media2Win.com and Games2Win.com, Alok Khejriwal actively mentors first generation aspiring entrepreneurs and helps them by VC networking, negotiating funding, providing start up strategy, and other networking opportunities. His ambition is to own a billion dollar company.

Twitter Followers: 3682 Following: 15

Twitter Handle: @rodinhood

2) Anand Daniel

An MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, Anand Daniel is an investor at Accel Partners. Anand focuses on investments in healthcare, education and information technology. Before joining Accel, Anand was with Flybridge Capital Partners in Boston, where he focused on early stage investments across a range of industries. Outside of work, Anand enjoys cricket, squash, running, and playing the guitar.

Twitter Followers: 887 Following: 179

Twitter Handle: @adanie2

3) Anand Lunia

Before a successful stint with Seedfund, Anand founded Brainvisa Technologies back in 1999. Finding a new calling, with a vision to invest in companies that need funding at a very early pre-revenue stage, Anand Lunia started up India Quotient with a corpus of $ 5 million.

Twitter Followers: 823 Following: 174

Twitter Handle: @anandlunia

4) Dev Khare

A former entrepreneur, a tech blogger, investor, gadget-freak and a follower of geopolitics, Dev Khare has spent nearly 15 years working with fast-growing businesses, including a decade in Silicon Valley. As part of venture capital fund Lightspeed Venture Partners, Dev Khare invests in technology-powered companies in India.

Twitter Followers: 3256 Following: 184

Twitter Handle: @dkhare

5) Kris Nair

In hos own words, Kris has been “building companies, since 1999 and babysitting entrepreneurs, since 2007.” Kris Nair is a senior Partner at IncuCapital Fund and General Partner at Opdrage. With a keen interest in BoP markets, Kris was previously the Director of FirstLight India Accelerator Fund; a seedfund investing in startup companies with a social or environmental mission. Kris is also the Chairman of the Board at The Travancore International Group, a private equity fund for aerospace and defence technologies.

Twitter Followers: 3485 Following: 196

Twitter handle is @krisnair

6) Mahesh Murthy

Founding partner at Seedfund, Mahesh has over 26 years of marketing and communications experience, of which 15 years are in online marketing. Having a very diverse career, Mahesh has done everything from selling vacuum cleaners to running Channel V! Mahesh has spoken at Internet World Chicago, CNET(LA), 140Conf and other net conferences and won the world’s top awards at Cannes and Promax and writes a column in The Wall Street Journal.

Twitter Followers: 19,499 Following: 1967

Twitter Handle: @maheshmurthy

7) Morpheus Founders: Sameer and Nandini

Sameer co-founded Madhouse Media along with Nandini in 2004, an organized movie rentals company, that got acquired by Seventymm in 2007. While Sameer was a hacker for startups like like Sonim Inc, Telephia in his pre-madhouse avatar and bring his years of technical experience to Morpheus, Nandini is a serial entrepreneur bringing 12+ years of professional experience in various media and technology startups. Now at Morpheus, both Sameer and Nandini help build companies in the internet and mobile space.

Twitter Followers: Sameer (Followers: 2871, Following: 529) Nandini (Followers: 2327, Following: 359)

Twitter Handle: @guglanism @nandinih

8 ) Mukund Mohan

Mukund is a serial entrepreneur and has invested in 7 seed stage startups in India and 27 in the Silicon Valley over 10 years. His experience spans 15 years in direct sales, marketing and product management and alliances/partnership in software and Internet industries. His vertical expertise spans Financial Services (Insurance and Investment banking), Telecommunications and Retail.

Twitter followers: 6649 Following: 147

Twitter Handle: @mukund

9) Rajesh Sawhney

With a 20 years of experience building businesses in media, entertainment, Internet, IT and telecom industries, Rajesh considers corporate strategy, branding & identity, pricing and people management to be is strong points. Founder at SuperAngels, Rajesh is also the president at Reliance Entertainment and Co-host & curator at Founders Forum India.

Twitter Followers: 1955 Following: 200

Twitter Handle: @rajeshsawhney

10) Vishal Gondal

Founder and CEO of Indiagames, Vishal is also a Partner at Sweat and Blood Venture Group. Having founded a company at the age of 16, Vishal has a vast experience in building and motivating teams to run that extra mile and achieve results. Also a marathoner, this entrepreneur and investor is a very popular tweep.

Twitter Followers: 22133 Following: 94

Twitter Handle: @vishalgondal 

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