Entrepreneurship at 14: Get the key mantras from Mr. KEY !


Karnika.E.Yashwant started his journey of entrepreneurship at the age of 14 as a student entrepreneur and before turning 20, he forayed into various business ventures. Karnika, with methods of modules, trains and mentors many professionals and organisations throughout the world. Karnika.E.Yaswant in conversation with StudentStory about his work and experiences so far.


SS: You've achieved so much at this young age, what drives you?

KEY: My driving force has been interest/curiosity to learn more, drive to improve the quality of lives of people and businesses, to make an impact, bring out the best that's never been seen before/innovation and more than all these, it's the passion to have fun and love what I’m doing.

SS: What is your current focus? Tell us about ENS- when and why was it founded?

KEY: My current focus is arKEYtect. This is a product of Key Difference Training & Consultation, my business/college training and consultation firm. EnS was founded when I was 14. I had learnt more than 20 computer languages and I really wanted to utilize that. I found that in the software industry most projects fail. Despite the high level of competition, there is less than .05% of quality vendors so I thought I must contribute something to this industry. EnS is named after my parents, Elango and Suguna. Our newer brands comes under the name of KEY as I am identified as Mr.KEY (Karnika E. Yashwant).

SS: What makes you call yourself a "life-coach"? What made you choose this path?

KEY: When I was 16, I was called to many speeches as a chief guest due to my achievements in the world of business especially with an early start. But when I was going through this phase, I found that most people ask the same basic questions facing the same problems. Even if the problems are many, they are logical and have similar solutions to solve all these complex issues. I started to find answers to them in different schools of psychology like hypnotherapy, NLP, cognitive behaviour therapy, etc. After studying them, I tried to help people with what I learnt and got great results. I helped people from depression, suicides, marital issues, love failures, exams failures etc. I tried it across in many places and now have crossed more than 100+ cases. I have top executives from MNC's today in touch with me for what I do. Having helped so many people, I feel this is not training or counselling, but it is life coaching and hence would liked to be called so.

SS: With what vision are you working?

KEY: Vision of businesses and activities might differ, but it all falls alongside of my life's purpose - to improve the quality of lives of people and businesses.

SS: What are your views on technology?

KEY: I believe technology has to reach people, but not just as gadgets, but in every format. Our arKEYtect is a mix of technology, innovation and training solution to the mass almost free of cost saving organizations lakhs on their expenditures. Technology is the future, it's all about how easy and practical it is for the masses and how it is presented to them. Does it really empower their lives? If so, how? That's the big question.

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