City Based (Dipping) Hiring Scenario in India; Only Kolkata Sees Growth with 8%

City Based (Dipping) Hiring Scenario in India; Only Kolkata Sees Growth with 8%

Tuesday September 11, 2012,

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Founded in March 1997 by Sanjeev Bikhchandani, is an Indian job search engine. Going public in November 2006, Naukri has been a leader in the space and comes up with a monthly hiring report. The August 2012 report has some interesting insights. Most industries which had forecasted a steady hiring scenario in the beginning of the year, have now started witnessing dipping hiring numbers. Construction and Engineering sector has seen the highest month on month dip with hiring activity going down by 13% in Aug-12 when compared to Jul-12. Banking is the only sector that has picked up.

Looking at city based trends, all top cities have seen lower hiring numbers over the last one month, barring Kolkata which has seen a 8% increase in hiring levels. Delhi –NCR has seen a 4% dip in the job speak index in Aug-12 when compared to Jul-12 while Mumbai, Pune

and Chennai has seen their recruitment activities go down by 2% respectively during the same time period. Bengaluru and Chennai maintained steady hiring levels during the same time period.

The Naukri Job Speak index from Feb’10 includes both online jobs as wells as jobs acquired from existing clients by their tele-calling team. Certainly not a representative of the complete hiring space, Naukri has more than 42,000 clients from where the data has been derived. A rather big sample, the numbers draws a glum picture of the hiring space.

One important aspect here is that a will have more focus on the corporate world, people looking for the conventional jobs. With economic glum spreading, jobs definitely are looking hard to come by but the same cannot be said about the startup world. In it's own cocoon, trying to reach out but ever so far away from the huge chunk of crowd, startups are having a tough time finding people. Via initiatives like our Job board, the gap is bridging but there is a rather long way to go before the concept of a 'startup job' percolates through the public diaspora.

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