Countdowns Rule: Aspiring Sports Writers Win up to Rs.10,000

Saturday September 15, 2012,

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Sportskeeda and IIT Kharagpur together have announced “Countdowns Rule” – a competition that gives aspiring writers the chance to put together a list or countdown related to sports, and earn monetary rewards in the process.Countdowns Rule is a part of IIT Kharagpur’s annual inter-collegiate sports meet, ‘Shaurya’ , and is open to students from all colleges across the country.

The following will be the prizes that will be given to the winners selected by Sportskeeda’s panel of judges:

1st prize: Rs. 10,000 cash

2nd prize: Rs. 6,000 cash

3rd prize: Rs. 4,000 cash

Plus: 5 consolation prizes of Rs. 1,000 each

In addition, each of the 8 winners will also get certificates bearing the seal and approval of IIT Kharagpur

How can you participate?

Post your article: Send your entry for the competition by posting your article on the site Posting an article on Sportskeeda is easy.

Follow these steps to submit your article:

Register on the site -> Click on ‘New article’ -> Paste your article in the space provided -> Submit for review

Send email: If you get an email notification saying that your article has been approved, that means you are a published writer. All you have to do then is send an email to the id c[email protected], mentioning the following details:

  1. Your Sportskeeda username
  2. The name of your college
  3. Your published article link

 What are the eligibility criteria for the entries?

 1. A Top 5/ Top 10 list - Following are the mandatory requirements for each entry in the competition:

  • The article should contain a Top 5 or Top 10 list
  • The list should be based on a sports-related topic, with bonus points for bringing some element of creativity into it – e.g. the top 10 most unusual sports in the world, the top 10 biggest refereeing blunders in football, etc.
  • You have to justify the list by giving an adequate, analytic description for each selection in the list
  • The article must contain at least 3 alternative selections that missed the final shortlist, along with reasons for the same
  • There must be three distinct segments in the article: 1. introduction, 2. the actual list, 3. the alternative selections that were left out

2. Original article: The article must be completely original in all respects – if even a single line is found copied from any external source, the article will be disqualified.

3. It has to be a new article: Your article has to be a new piece. No article published anywhere (even on your personal blog) before the 13th of September will be accepted.

4. Word length: The article must contain a minimum of 700 words, and a maximum of 1500 words.

5. More than one application: Not convinced with the quality of your first article, or have more than one interesting countdown in mind? You can apply again with a new article. But there’s a limit to how many attempts you can make. They will accept a maximum of 3 entries from a single person.

Sportskeeda’s panel of judges will evaluate all the eligible entries, and will choose 8 winners at the end of the deadline. The entries will be judged on the basis of the following points:

  • Coherence of content
  • Level of innovation and creativity in the choice of list
  • Justification of the selections in the list
  • Ability to engage the reader
  • Language and vocabulary
  • Presence of factual, grammatical or any other errors

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