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TechSparks, Product Tech’s Coolest Event, Is Just a Day Away!

TechSparks, Product Tech’s Coolest Event, Is Just a Day Away!

Thursday September 06, 2012 , 4 min Read

Bangalore, or Bengaluru to the sticklers for city names, stands a bit above the mean sea level (900 metres) and that makes it a tad cool. We could understand this nature’s phenomenon and like any city on a mound, the sprawling gardens and lovely trees are abound in this garden city. But don’t talk of this gloriously because at the pace of mindless capitalism (building those glass structures and felling trees), the city will lose its claim as the garden city. At the juxtaposition of growth and industrialization on one hand and in preserving its beauty on the other, Bangalore is just struggling to get its act together. At the fringes of this struggle exist innumerable software companies, big and small, that unnerved the mighty America to the extent that “Bangalored” became a term found in the dictionary. Every American IT professional feared losing his job to Bangalore, the hottest destination for outsourcing then. As that settled, Bangalore has carved its niche as the Silicon City, a parallel term to the celebrated Silicon Valley in the United States. How Silicon City rose in prominence and how this became the target for software companies cannot be explained as easily as its gardens and trees. But the cool Bangalore is the coolest IT city in India at present housing the best names of IT services companies and add to that Biocon, the biopharmaceutical major, and Narayana Hridayalaya, the pioneer of heart care and affordable health care for the poor. Bangalore certainly has its rightful place in Indian new-age industrial history.

From the financial capital Mumbai, YourStory made a smart move to Bangalore, a year after it was born, to stay close to ground zero of the hip and happening place of IT in India. But instead of looking at services glory and other prominent developments surrounding them, YourStory took a slightly deviated view. When there was a small group of entrepreneurs asking themselves why a company of global stature in software products hasn’t been born yet, YourStory found it resonating with its own agenda of giving a voice to these contrarian startups. But then, stories written today are forgotten tomorrow. Thinking on what solidifies this effort and what makes these companies stick led YourStory to unveil the platform for identifying promising product tech startups in India – TechSparks. As if led in a blind alley but full of hopeful dreams, we at YourStory thought we made a tentative bid at striking the bottom of an incessant activity that keeps rebellious minded entrepreneurs to think of products when services would have made them millionaires easily. Remember, N.R. Narayana Murthy’s car driver was a millionaire! The tremendous joy the inaugural TechSparks created and the growth of an evolving ecosystem around products made us realize we pressed the buzzer at the right time.

Three years on, the dream of TechSparks has only grown bigger and better. Look at our partners. Their support inspires us. It’s a mutual beat of drums between us that will unveil the carnival on September 8. As we soak and sing the praise of the product tech tsars (not exactly in deed but in thought), why don’t you take a dip and immerse yourself in that joy? We put out a Tech30 Report last year, hoping to get a few of them some visibility. To our greater excitement, 14 of them were funded and one was acquired. There is one more that acquired another in Europe. This cements our effort and we need to live up to our expectations.

We are ready to serve you the choicest blend of entertainment, substance, product tech stars, Tech30 Report, the AppIndia winners, and many more on September 8. All you have to do is just be present to help us take you through the day.

A galaxy of star speakers will distill to you the wisdom that they have acquired over the years. These are people whose intellect exceeds their stature. They keep knocking doors when they don’t exist. That’s why we have invited them to give us the tips to help us find those doors that don’t exist now. They will unveil the future and opportunities that blind our vision because we lack the mind to look into the future.

Common in, join the coolest product tech event of the year – TechSparks – on September 8 in the cool Bangalore, the cool destination of technology in India.