Ranksheet- An Online Assessment, Certification and Jobs Portal; for both Employers, and Job Seekers

Ranksheet- An Online Assessment, Certification and Jobs Portal; for both Employers, and Job Seekers

Friday October 19, 2012,

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The jobs arena is fraught with competition; not only with employees seeking jobs but portals and companies that want to get these job seekers the right job. Cofounded by two techies Krishna Kumar and Praveen Raja, Ranksheet is a portal that provides free online exams and certifications for candidates to showcase their abilities, build and share their dynamic resume across networks and employers. For employers, Ranksheet is a freemium assessment and hiring platform.

Explaining the need for Ranksheet, Praveen says, “In the traditional scenario, candidates use static resumes to apply for jobs. These resumes don't really indicate the real abilities of the candidate and in some cases, turn out to be inaccurate. One of the goals of RankSheet is to redefine how resumes are written. The aim is to use a combination of the traditional resume along with assessment scores and RankSheet Solutions to showcase a resume that reflects the true abilities of candidates. This online resume is dynamic and constantly updated based on the activities of the candidates.” Obviously, the other area is to help the employers. Majority of the companies are having a hiring crisis and Ranksheet is a unique option they can try out. “Companies can create custom assessments that have to be taken by job applicants when they apply for a position. A unique value addition we provide is that companies can choose to use RankSheet’s ever growing question bank in various fields if they don’t want to create their own customised assessment. We are in the process of introducing code based assessments for the IT sector and other unique features that are inline with our vision.” adds Praveen.

Talking about their clients, “We have a healthy mix of corporate and HR consulting companies across various industries such as IT, ITES, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Entertainment/Media, etc,” informs Praveen. “The response, at least in India, has been mixed but more on the positive side. The reason I say this is because this is a disruptive platform that changes the way recruiters think and work, albeit much more effectively and efficiently,” he adds. As an example of the positive feedback he points us to a testimonial given by Aspire systems.

Shedding some light on the revenue model, Praveen says, “Our revenue model is fairly simple and straight forward. We have three revenue streams. Our primary revenue stream is employers opting for paid plans followed by the purchase of profile credits to connect with promising candidates. Lastly, we also have ads.”

The Traction

  • More than 3.4 million questions have been served to candidates.
  • More than 20,000 candidates have been evaluated by employer assessments
  • RankSheet Assessments have been taken more than 100,000 times.
  • More than 26,000 certifications have been issued.
  • Candidates from over 30 countries have registered.
  • Over 350 companies have signed up on RankSheet.
  • Companies from 10 or more countries have registered.

Website: Ranksheet

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