[Twitter Stats] More than 80% Twitter Users in India are Males!

[Twitter Stats] More than 80% Twitter Users in India are Males!

Saturday October 13, 2012,

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Beevolve, a startup that allows you to measure sales and conversion on your social media efforts recently released an exhaustive study about Twitter users in across the globe. Here, we highlight some of the interesting stats that might be useful as somewhere out there one of you must be thinking of doing something more on Twitter. Check out what the likes of JustUnfollow, Memetic Labs and Frrole do.

Gender distribution on Twitter

Gender information is not readily available on a Twitter user profile so the classifier determines gender based on looking at Twitter user names, profile pics and other parameters. "We were able to determine gender for ~66% of the 36 million Twitter users analyzed in this study. As is obvious from the chart below, the gender divide on Twitter is a little inclined toward females, with number of female users outnumbering the male Twitter users by 6%." says the report.

So, where are the users from? Here are the top 10 countries in terms of Twitter Users:

As it is pretty clear, that India still is a very small country in terms of Twitter users and the skewed ratio within India hasn't been offset the trend in more "Twitter Populous" countries where number of women are more.

Now, how many of the users are influential? An average Twitter user has just 102 followers and this average is skewed because of the celebrities who have millions of followers. The fact remains that a close to 75% of the users have 0-50 Twitter followers!

And yes, women do tweet more.

For more insights about Twitter users, read the complete report.

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