Stanford Graduates Launch Freshmentors, A Platform for Prospective Students to Connect with Students in their Dream College


Founded by two Stanford Universtory and one IIT Kanpur alumni- Natasha Jain and Rohan Goel, Tarun Garg, Freshmentors is a web-based platform that can helps prospective college applicants get authentic, relevant and current advice about campus life, courses, finances directly from high achieving current college students already attending their target universities. Freshmentors in total is a 5 member team with Naman Shah and Sonia Agarwal into business development.

There are many existing consultants but Freshmentors helps students get the inside information about college life and campus culture straight from students who are already experiencing it. Freshmentors can also be a good addition to the consultants themselves who offer services to students.

"Currently, Freshmentors has 150 high quality, handpicked and highly trained current college students (mentors) from universities like MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Yale, Harvard, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Cornell, Columbia, UT Austin, USC, and UC Davis. By personally training the mentors, we have ensured that high quality of advice provided through the platform," informs Natasha.

Freshmentors has offerings for the counsellor himself as well as the counsellor's client.

i) Freshmentors for the Counsellor’s Clients:

The clients can interact with the mentors on the platform in the following ways:

a.  30 min 1-1 Video Chat: Here applicants can get authentic and relevant advice from a mentor at their target university who can tell them first hand about campus life, departments, professors or when they are making a decision between multiple universities.

b.  Quick Connect Chats: In addition to this, your clients can get a number of free Quick Connect Video Chats with mentors. These are free 5 minute video chats where they can get a brief introduction from the mentor to know which mentor is the right fit for them.

ii) Freshmetors for the Counsellor:

Counsellors can use Freshmentors to gain cultural knowledge about different universities by video chatting with our mentors as stated above. In addition, Freshmentors offers an essay review and editing services.

The Team:

Natasha Jain, CEO, has a Masters in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford and a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech. Her expertise is in marketing and operations. She has worked closely with Professor Thomas Kosnik and has mentored numerous marketing groups in Global Entrepreneurial Marketing at Stanford.

Rohan Goel, CTO, is a Electrical Engineering masters student at Stanford. He has had extensive experience in product design and new product introduction while working as product designer, manager at Apple, Labomed. He heads the product conceptualization and introduction as well as the back end development at Freshmentors.

Website: Freshmentors


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