Announcing WebSparks: A platform to recognize consumer web companies


The Internet is the future. Especially for countries like India, where the internet revolution has just taken off, going forward sparks will fly. As the startup ecosystem blossoms more companies are coming to the fore developing local as well as global


Should it be B2C or B2B has always been the debate but the joy of seeing consumers adopt on

e's product is irreplaceable and every entrepreneur cherishes each of his consumers. To recognize such technology startups YourStory in association withQualcomm Ventures announces the launch of YourStory WebSparks - powered by Qualcomm Ventures!

WebSparks will be an online campaign which will run for three months and recognize five promising consumer web startups each month. All the Indian consumer web companies can apply to be a Websparks and each will receive feedback on their product. The top 5 each month will be showcased and will have mentoring sessions with Qualcomm wherein they can refine the product and explore ways to acquire more consumers.

All participants in WebSparks will have a special section on the site and will be given special promotion to ensure maximum visibility. So, if you're a consumer web company, join in and apply to be a WebSpark!