Looking for a place to play? Galli Grounds might have the answer

Looking for a place to play? Galli Grounds might have the answer

Sunday December 16, 2012,

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It's saturday night and after a heavy dinner at a restaurant in an urban Indian city, a group of friends are thinking to get together and play in the morning. They all agree but a question remains unanswered,


Is there a ground in the vicinity? Is there some place which is convenient for most? There are 'paid places' available but who wants to shell out cash for playing a friendly game of football?

Pradyumna Doddala and Vamshi Reddy thought the same and have given a shot at solving this problem. Having personally experienced the pain, I'd give them full marks on targeting the problem. There is a dearth of open grounds in urban India.

The product is called Galli Grounds and it basically allows you to tag and find grounds where one can play.

One needs to signup to add a ground but browsing grounds is allowed without logging in. It picks up the user location and provides details about all the grounds in the vicinity that have been tagged. Still very nascent, the product will need more adoption to make it a useful tool for all the sports enthusiasts. And we're not talking virtual gaming for a change.

Allowing to login via FaceBook is one feature that should definitely be added. Apart from this, spam might become an issue but that has been taken care off. "Every ground would be added by an authenticated user and it will be verified by our team to maintain the quality of data," said Vamshi who has developed the product (while Pradyumna, an iOS geek conceptulized it). The claim to verify each ground might becomes a tedious task going forward but a mechanism certainly needs to be in place.

There are possibilities of opening up revenue streams by allowing people to give out their places but most of those things will come at a later stage. Current challenge: Customer Acquisition.

Give Galli Grounds a run here.

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