Times Internet invests in ZipDial to deepen strategic customer relationship

Times Internet invests in ZipDial to deepen strategic customer relationship

Wednesday December 19, 2012,

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, an India-based mobile marketing platform, today announced that it has raised funding from Times Internet, India’s leading internet network, and a core business within the Times Group. The funding amount is undisclosed but investment is a cash investment for equity in ZipDial. Times has been a customer of ZipDial for over 15 months and this further strengthens the existing relationship.

This funding announcement comes on the back of a round raised from 500 startups. And ZipDial initially raised seed round of funding in April of 2011, led by Mumbai Angels, Blume Ventures, and the partners at AngelPrime. Having multiple investors on board might lead one to think about the dynamics of decision making. Founder Valerie Wagoner says, "There is no conflict as such. This is mainly because ZipDial's vision and the go to market strategy to execute on that vision have been very clear since the beginning. Our early investors and newer ones agree with this strategy, and we have stayed focused on the plan. We have also kept the Board structure very clean, so we can make good decisions quickly and move fast."

Commenting on the investment, CEO of Times Internet, Satyan Gajwani said, “We've been impressed at how effective ZipDial has been for us, usually 2-5 times more effective than Facebook or just SMS. We see its value for brand and SME advertiser clients and are excited to see it grow globally.”

Using ZipDial, Times has run notable campaigns such as zipdialing to pledge support for the Lokpal Bill which mobilized more than 5 million users in 3 weeks. Currently live is the annual Times Food Awards across hundreds of restaurants pan-India. Diners not only vote by zipdialing, but the campaign goes viral when voters recruit friends by zipdialing for a chance to win a free meal at their favorite restaurant.

“Many companies bring on strategic investors with the hope of working closely with them, but in our case, this hope has already been a reality for 15 months,” said Valerie Rozycki Wagoner, Founder & CEO of ZipDial. “We look forward to deepening the relationship with Times Group.”

ZipDial’s mobile engagement and analytics platform is used by global brands such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Cadbury, Disney, online and brick and mortar retailers like MakeMyTrip and Café Coffee Day, as well as NGOs like Greenpeace and Amnesty International. The ZipDial platform has introductory products even for the smallest of advertisers starting at Rs 1,000 (or USD $20) per month for which they can sign up online.

More about ZipDial on their website.

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