Cloud hosting provider, GMO Cloud invests in Dropmyemail with a multi-faceted partnership deal

Cloud hosting provider, GMO Cloud invests in Dropmyemail with a multi-faceted partnership deal

Tuesday January 15, 2013,

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GMO Cloud K.K. (GMO Cloud), part of Japan’s leading all-in Internet services conglomerate, GMO Internet Group, has just inked an extensive partnership with Dropmyemail that will expand the presence of the email backup cloud solution in Japan.

Dropmyemail is a free service that lets you backup your emails automatically easily. Dropmyemail was founded in 2011 by John Fearon, a Internet entrepeneur who needed a way to backup his emails. Currently present in India, US, Singapore and Argentina, their website is also available in 8 languages. This strategic alliance will see GMO Cloud invest capital in Dropmyemail, resell Dropmyemail to its hosting customers, and jointly develop a Dropmyemail smartphone application.

“GMO Cloud is very pleased to be partnering with a service developer and provider as innovative as Dropmysite”, says GMO Cloud, President, Mitsuru Aoyama. GMO Cloud will also host Dropmyemail’s ever-increasing dataload. Dropmyemail will move its storage to GMO Cloud’s cloud platform and utilize GMO Cloud’s GlobalSign's SSL (secure socket layer). Having GMO Cloud host the data will reduce the current expediture for Dropmyemail and keep the data more secure. “We are delighted to have secured this strategic partnership with GMO Cloud and look forward to working closely with GMO in the future," says John Fearon, CEO and founder of Dropmyemail.

GMO Cloud and Dropmysite will co-develop a new smartphone application for Dropmyemail. By combining GMO Cloud’s resources and Dropmyemail’s technical knowledge, the final product should be ready soon. With this expansive collaboration with GMO Cloud, Dropmyemail will also ramp up its presence in Japan. Dropmyemail will expand its Japanese business from consumer email

backups to target Small and Medium Enteprises in corporate email backups and consumers using email backups through the mobile platform.

Dropmyemail had a great start with 500,000 signups in 50 days post which the growth plateaued but their constant expansion has kept them on an uphill course. While you have options like GmVault or Spanning Backup to download your emails, Dropmyemail is the option to go with when you want a backup in the cloud.

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