Vaultize Unveils Data Privacy Option in its File Sharing and Endpoint Backup

Saturday January 19, 2013,

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Abstract: Vaultize, an enterprise laptop backup, file sharing and mobility solution, is unveiling Data Privacy Option (DPO) to help businesses comply with data privacy, data residency and data protection regulations. It is the first storage vendor to offer a feature like this. Mountain View – Jan 18, 2013 Data security has been the primary inhibitor preventing enterprises from adopting cloud solutions. At-source encryption together with de-duplication from Vaultize ( helps them eliminate concerns about security. Vaultize‟s patent-pending technology secures data by encrypting it even before it leaves endpoints for backup or sharing. Today, Vaultize is unveiling a Data Privacy Option (DPO) for enterprises – helping them comply with various data privacy, data residency (sometimes known as data sovereignty) and data protection regulations – and hence further strengthening cloud adoption. DPO is an innovative concept through which Vaultize lets its enterprise customers retain the full control over encryption keys. With DPO, the encryption keys are never stored on any infrastructure that is not under enterprise control - ensuring that the customer is in complete control of privacy of data and ownership of data is retained by the customer. The data is thus completely secured from any unauthorized access while in motion and at rest in the cloud, and the ability to access useable data remains solely with the enterprise customer as it only has the encryption keys. This way Vaultize customers can comply with privacy and residency requirements by virtue of keeping the encryption keys within jurisdiction regardless of the actual physical location of the backup and sharing data. "Cloud service providers often store customer data across various geographical locations to ensure resiliency, scalability and efficiency. But regulations put restrictions in terms of where and how to keep data that is sensitive in nature” said Ankur Panchbudhe, CTO and Co-founder of Vaultize. “DPO option lets our customers take the full control of the encryption keys. Our at-source encryption technology ensures that the data, while in motion and at rest, is secured from any unauthorized access. Moreover, to achieve this Vaultize does not require any special software or any hardware on-premise.”

DPO is available with all the deployment options of Vaultize - public cloud (hosted in Rackspace), private cloud (hosted on-premise or with any cloud provider of customer‟s choice), and „Cloud-in-a-box‟ appliance.

About Vaultize:

Vaultize ( is an award-winning flagship product from Anoosmar Technologies – a privately held company. Vaultize is the first enterprise backup, file sharing and mobility platform in the world that is designed from the ground-up for cloud using multi-tenant architecture and enterprise-class security, control and SLAs. Vaultize has presence in more than 30 countries – including theUS andEurope, through its channel network consisting of resellers, distributors, system integrators and MSPs.

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