What To Expect at a Startup

What To Expect at a Startup

Tuesday January 08, 2013,

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I started my career in digital media two years back and today I feel happy to be part of a startup rather than joining a limited firm or a billion dollar company. Working with a startup is really fun. You have fun in a lot of ways, every new move the company makes or every new tactic your organization implements. You maybe laughing with your CEO one time or be in a serious meeting with co-founders and could be reprimanded by your colleague, all in a day’s work. But then that is the fun of being with a startup.


What you can do for the startup

Searching for an employee takes time. It may extend to several months, just because startups seek the best resource in the industry. They will search for an employee who is more productive, more passionate about his profession, more knowledgeable and possibly less expensive. So if you are the chosen one, then your organization picked you because you are exceptional and the founders will expect more from you, even more than themselves. They will look for suggestions on business development, improvement and all other critical suggestions from you. As you are skilled in your domain they expect you to take care of all the things independently in your area.

On the other hand, the founders will try their best to keep you happy. Be your best friend and well-wishers. They will never disapprove your leave application, as you are the most precious resource for them and it’s their duty to make you happy. They may even prepare tea for you, someday.

What a startup can do for you

More responsibilities, more opportunities, dealing with different and innovative things — simply put, sky’s the limit.

  • Learning & Inspiration: You will grow in between factual innovators. There will be a lot of things to learn and a great lesson of doing something innovative and brilliant.
  • Rewards & Credits: Your hard work and your initiatives will not be ignored and you will get full credit of your deeds. A startup is a small group of some likeminded people, so there is nobody else to grab your rewards.
  • Responsibilities & Knowledge: I am a digital media strategist, but I feel happy if I get to setup and code a new blog or do some changes in CSS of website. In a startup you will have more responsibilities which eventually make you more capable and knowledgeable.
  • Fine atmosphere & Liberty: The work atmosphere in a start-up is very good. You are free to work the way you like, in any clothes you like and in the footwear of your choice. There will be no hurdles in what you do and when you do things. You can eat when you’re hungry and nobody will question you if you speak with your girlfriend on phone for an hour.

The tough life

If working with startup is fun then it is also complex in many ways.

  • Most startups struggle with finances and lack of resources. You may have to work with your old computer and may not be allowed to take your potential client out to lunch.
  • Finance woes may result in salaries being paid late.
  • Job security is the biggest risk in a startup. Thousands of new companies start every year but only few are successful. So until your startup doesn’t become big, many things could can be unsure.
  • Forget 9 hours work. You may have to do more than that, even at night after you reach home. You weekends may not be yours any more.

Be a star performer

Here’s how you can become a rock star at a startup.

  1. Always give more than what founders expect from you. It is difficult but you have to put all your efforts to make it happen
  2. Be an all-rounder.
  3. Be a good decision maker. Since you are the manager as well as the executive, you will have to be a great decision maker in your process.
  4. You have to be more innovative than other employees.
  5.  Give suggestion for every new step to be taken in your organization.

As a startup employee, you have to put all your efforts at work. Have fundamental knowledge about all the processes of your organization. Being a team member in a startup means you are member of a community — be aligned with your founders vision and follow the culture of the corporation. Never forget deadlines. Always support and help your team members and respect every employee in your office.

About The Author:

Jugmendra Baliyan is Digital Media Strategist at WeAreHolidays. E-commerce, Internet, and Digital Media are few words which suits Jugmendra, meeting entrepreneurs and likeminded people is his hobby. You can meet him in next startup or Digital Media event around NCR or follow him @Jugmendra on Twitter.

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