Yohan Sachdev and Rohit Taparia launch MyTopTeacher to create a platform to find and rate teachers

Yohan Sachdev and Rohit Taparia launch MyTopTeacher to create a platform to find and rate teachers

Thursday January 10, 2013,

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Yohan and Rohit

Yohan and Rohit are both 24 year old Mumbaikars who went abroad to pursue higher education but have now returned to startup in India. Yohan went to Bryant University in the USA before working with HMX LLC., a fashion house in New York while Rohit went to Indiana University in Bloomington and the Kelley school of business. Yohan always had this niggling thought about recommending teachers. "A choice about a tuition teacher or school was based on that one or two biased recommendations and that was a bit shocking to me," says Yohan.

Building on that thought, Yohan started working on the idea and has launched MyTopTeacher along with Rohit. MTT aims to become the platform for teachers and can be used to rate, add, and find teachers. They can be sports coaches, fitness trainers, tutors, school and college professors, dance classes, and many more. "In a nutshell, we want to build a platform that allows teachers to connect with/market to their current and prospective students, and gives students the opportunity to rate their teachers anonymously so their feedback can help those teachers as well as other interested students," informs Yohan.

Currently having a database of about 16,500 teachers which was generated by a bunch of interns, they're looking for rapid organic growth now. "We are constantly reaching out to more and more teachers to register on our website so they can market themselves for free and get feedback from students," informs Yohan. The students can rate their teachers anonymously, which will definitely generate more response but misuse can also not be completely ruled out.

Surely a good platform for teachers to market but the challenge would be to make the students vote and how the whole process is incentivised. Close tracking of user activity would be a key to make the analytics work for them. Talking about revenue streams, Yohan says, "Online ads is certainly one but we're looking at sponsored listings from teachers going forward." 16,500 is surely just a fraction when you take in all types of teachers so there's no doubting the market size for MyTopTeacher.

Having raised a small seed round to startup, MTT would be looking to raise more funds in the near future. "Our back end is very robust. The analytics and infrastructure that has been setup is very powerful and it can do a lot. We're relying very heavily on technology," says Yohan. Not something I'd die without, MTT has an interesting proposition. Check it out here.

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