CouponRani Launches its Coupon API; Ayojak First to Integrate

Thursday February 07, 2013,

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CouponRani is a couponing startup incubated by Srijan Capital and they have announced the launch of its Coupon API for partners. In a space which looked rather dead, this is a refreshing move by CouponRani. Its first partner Ayojak is in event ticketing space, and plans to offer free coupons which are curated by CouponRani for its events.We got in touch with the technical head, Vishwa Vivek Garg to learn more:

YS: What was the intention behind launching the coupon API? What is your target?

We believe providing a Coupon API helps a company who wants to use free coupons as a conversion enhancer. The API takes the headache of aggregating and managing coupons for the business. We believe this will help online service providers like event ticketing, mobile recharge, small medium merchants. They can offer these coupons to their users free of cost.

YS: How are the coupons aggregated? How many partners do you have onboard?

We get coupons directly from merchants and also from affiliate networks. We also have a team which validates coupons on daily basis. We differentiate from every one else, by keeping only “Valid Coupons” on our site. Most coupon companies keep expired and old coupons for the sake of extra monetization, but we feel it is bad user experience. In terms of merchants we have close to 400 merchants.

Last month, Coupon Rani also launched their Chrome Extension and with this move, they’ll be looking to grab more market share. They are providing a JSON and an iFrame integration option, to make the integration fast and efficient. Santosh Panda, CEO of Ayojak who have partnered with CouponRani said, “This is a good offering from CouponRani. With our partnership with CouponRani, user will get more value for money - user can get free coupons from a range of brands up to the value of ticket(s) price. It’s like getting your favorite event tickets for free."

Ravi Trivedi, the founder of Srijan Capital which has incubated CouponRani said “We believe CouponRani can be a truly differentiated couponing company. Our Coupon API can enable partners to go live with couponing in no time, which in turn should lead to better conversions for our partners.”

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