Tachyon launches service to enable users to type in Indian languages online

Tuesday February 26, 2013,

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Tachyon Technologies, an Indic input technology, today launched Quillpad Roaming, a service that enables internet users to type in Indian languages anywhere across the web. Quillpad Roaming is free and allows internet users to communicate with people via email, chat, social networking sites and enables them to use it on blogs, search engines or on any website.

The service is currently available only for chrome and for enabling it one needs to 'logon' on Quillpad by visiting roaming.quillpad.in and grant permission for the chrome extension to be installed.

Quillpad Roaming

Founded by Ram Prakash, Quillpad’s predictive input technology automatically converts local language words written in English into native script and the company is looking at ways to take the technology to the masses. “We have created a simple interface where all users need to do is to key in their website link and click on ‘go’. The rest is smoothly taken care of in the user interface and they can start typing in their language immediately on their chosen website,” says Ram. (read their complete story here)

This service will save the user the pain of copying text to a language translation tool and then pasting it again. Apart from Quillpad roaming, Tachyon’s Quillpad Touch is an input solution for touch devices, provides an innovative handwritten gesture driven interface for inputting in Indian languages.

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