Colimetrics launches KeyMails- a tool that claims to sort out the email mess


In this age of email deluge, you'll hardly find anyone who doesn't complain about managing eMails. We forget replying to mails, prioritizing is an issue and many a times, there's not just enough bandwidth. To tackle these issues, team Colimetrics (Pankaj Kulkarni, Yogi Kandlikar, Phaniraj Raghavendra, Rakesh P Gopal) has launched KeyMails. A Bangalore based startup which builds software products to help companies improve their efficiency, KeyMails is the first product on the blocks from Colimetrics. KeyMails is open for public beta and is available on Microsoft Outlook as of now.

(L to R) Rakesh P Gopal , Pankaj Kulkarni, Phaniraj Raghavendra

Predominantly a B2B2C product (Business to business to customer, a product that can be used by individuals via the companies they work at), KeyMails can be used by any individual using an Outlook Client as well. "This problem was compounding by the day. People reply saying that they'll come back later only for the mail to get lost in the new flood. There are many such problems," explains Pankaj, CEO of Colimetrics. The advent of smartphones has made matter worse, he adds. People tend to read the mails on the phone but lose track of them when on the computer as the mail would've been marked 'read'.Keeping the larger picture of improving company efficiencies in mind, the positioning has been kept targeting the enterprises. The solution is currently available only for Outlook users and is being beta tested with customers in medium to large enterprises in US and India. So, how does it work?

The main function of the plugin is to prioritize your emails. KeyMails ranks mails based on how they have been handled in the past. The algorithms analyze individual e-mail patterns to decide how important the mail is to the user. Here are some of the parameters it takes into consideration:

  • The time one takes to respond to a specific person or content.
  • The importance of the person who has sent the mail based on how frequently one has been corresponding.
  • The importance of the content in the email subject/body.
  • Social networking/General Mailer/Group mails.

The algorithm is the secret sauce for Colimetrics and the beta test has been showing encouraging results. Privacy was one of the issues organizations had but KeyMails does not send out any information from the computer. As time goes by with usage, KeyMails becomes more intelligent and prioritizes better.

Still working on fixing a pricing model, KeyMails is for any organization (small, medium, large) whose employees get a large number of mails in a day and need help in prioritizing. Colimetrics is a TechSparks 2012 company and has evolved as a company since then. The initial idea was to develop a product that'll help companies detect bottlenecks with respect to their internal email communication but after a lot of testing, they finalized on KeyMails.

Know more about KeyMails on their website.