Freshdesk Launches FreshThemes, Designed To Enhance Customer Support Experience

Freshdesk Launches FreshThemes, Designed To Enhance Customer Support Experience

Thursday March 21, 2013,

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Freshdesk, a fast emerging cloud-based customer support platform, today announced the launch of FreshThemes, a suite of new customization capabilities that allow companies to tailor their customer support offerings according to the preferences of their customers.

Businesses today pay special attention on good customer experience when they contact customer-support or helpdesk. Now with FreshThemes, Freshdesk provides businesses the flexibility and ease to completely customize the look and feel of their help desk using their own cascading style sheets (CSS), JavaScript and UI layouts. The company has been growing at more than three times quarter-on-quarter since launch and today cater to customers across 80 countries.

Speaking about the launch, Freshdesk CEO, Girish Mathrubootham said: “Most loved brands realize that you can’t really please your customers with one experience in a store and have a different feel when they come to your helpdesk. FreshThemes ensures that customer support looks and feels like a part of your business at every customer touch point -- on your website, over the phone, on your app, via social media and in online communities.”

Freshdesk is partnering with theme developers around the world to design a library of themes optimized for different customer service use cases and it already has some ready-to-use support themes. For example, mobile app developers can choose a minimalist helpdesk, just showing customers a curated list of FAQs and tickets, while e-commerce companies can offer a more robust helpdesk that includes order information, contact details and related products to cross-sell.


"We see a larger trend among users of business software towards a more consumer focused approach. FreshThemes will help us get a huge lead in the new wave of B2B solutions," says Vikram Bhaskaran, director of marketing at Freshdesk. "Here, the business can stick to metrics and stop with just satisfying the customer. Or they can go the extra mile to craft a lasting personality."

Along with the launch of FreshThemes, Freshdesk is also announcing the launch of its FreshPlugs library. Launched in November of last year, FreshPlugs integrates data from third-party tools, databases, legacy systems or applications to deliver greater context to the customer support experience for both users and agents. With today’s library launch, companies will be able to browse the FreshPlugs library and integrate into their help desk tools like Google Maps, FedEx and UPS tracking and sentiment analysis.

FreshDesk is also one of TechSparks 2011 TECH30 startups. To know more about their solutions, please visit

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