Global Forum on Innovation: Top 30 Digital Startups from around the World

By Madanmohan Rao|31st May 2013
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The Global Forum on Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship held this week in South Africa featured a range of workshops, panels and keynotes on startups – and the highlight was the nomination of the Top 50 SMEs and startups from around the world (mostly from emerging economies in Africa).


From this group, 20 finalists were shortlisted, then narrowed down to the Top 5 winners through an intense and engaging “Dragon’s Den” process with five jurors on stage grilling the startups one by one! Here’s a profile of the digital startups (mobile, Internet, social media) which I have extracted from the Top 50 list; profiles of the others will be shared in the next column, in categories such as cleantech, agribusiness and education.

Afroes (South Africa)

Mobile apps, tools and contents for social change

Amant Antennas (Egypt)

Antenna technology for 3G transmission

Asly (Egypt)

Mobile service with SMS authentication, to detect counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs

Centsless (Malaysia)

Cloud-based rewards system for learning activities in schools

EezyDeel (Cote d’Ivoire)

SMS-based mobile commerce platform

Eskimi (Nigeria)

Mobile social network for meeting new people

Eneza Education (Kenya)

Mobile collaborative tool for schools and students

Farmer Line (Ghana)

Mobile tool for sharing information between farmers

Firestring (South Africa)

Social architecture for knowledge management in workspaces

Fomobi mTracker (Kenya)

Mobile-based car tracking solution to reduce car thefts, monitor fleets

Going Tosphere (Turkey)

Social calendar for iPhone users, organised around personal interests

Greengar (Vietnam)

Mobile ‘smartboard’ platform to connect learners in classrooms

Innokiq Mpawa (Ghana)

Mobile recruitment platform for blue collar workers in Africa

Interact XL (Trinidad and Tobago)

Interactive online math application for students

Kuza Mobile (South Africa)

Mobile LBS platform for tradesmen, craftsmen, fishermen

Maliyo Games (Nigeria)

Mobile games with localised narratives

Mobiflock (South Africa)

Parental tools to make mobiles safe for children to use

MobiLab mVerified (Kenya)

Mobile verification tool for documents, certificates, title deeds

Mobile Payment Solutions (Zambia)

Mobile payment solutions for utilities, banking

MobiTrader (Nigeria)

Mobile services for blue collar job seekers

mPayer (Kenya)

Mobile payment solutions and reporting services for businesses

People Input (Senegal)

Mobile-enabling services and consulting for businesses

ProWork (Nigeria)

Mobile solution for enterprise project management

Qabila (Egypt)

Crowdsourced platform for Arabic content generation

Skillpod Media (South Africa)

Mobile gaming company with micro-payment services

Slicebiz (Ghana)

Online crowdsourcing platform for African startups (Indonesia)

Online ticket booking for travel and entertainment

Transcel (Jamaica)

Mobile payment platform in the Caribbean

Virtual Bank (Zimbabwe)

Mobile payment, banking and wire transfer platform

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