TechSparks 2013 For Tech Startups - "Connecting To Your Markets"

Thursday May 09, 2013,

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TechSparks 2013 - Startup Challenge

We just launched the TechSparks 2013 campaign this year and the response has already been overwhelming. With every passing year, TechSparks is getting bigger and better, and our goal this year is to make TechSparks 2013 the most useful it can be to entrepreneurs and startups.

We looked back and asked ourselves - "What is the most pertinent feedback we've heard from entrepreneurs on few focus areas where they need help the most and how YourStory can add value?". And we realized that assessing and accessing target market has been a primary area of concern for early stage entrepreneurs, hence we decided that this year’s TechSparks 2013 theme will be -

"Connecting To Your Markets"

Identifying Markets

Identifying the target market is the first step for any startup and doing it is trickier than it sounds. The definition of a "market" is quite fuzzy, and especially in a fast-growing environment like we have here in India, new markets can rise almost overnight and the fact is many successful startups have become big by defining an entirely new market segment and catering to it.

So, our first goal is to help identify the market that your startup fits in, traditionally called the "Product-Market fit". TechSparks will provide you with the tools and techniques needed to identify the market fit and figure out how to build a product that fits the market perfectly.

Accessing Markets

We've consistently heard from growth-stage startups that they need help accessing their markets. Help in terms of access to sales and marketing channels, hiring the right talent that can connect with the market, positioning and PR of the product and finally ensuring visibility in the market. This is a broad set of activities that startups need, and we're here to help. The 2013 edition of TechSparks will focus on how can a startup efficiently access the market it is in, and be able to conquer those markets.

Building a product and then going to the market is an outdated strategy. Your product needs a constant connect with the market, so that the feedback loop of developing the product, quickly testing it and rapidly iterating makes it more valuable. TechSparks will aim to help you break down this process and understand the industry's best practices of how disparate markets can be unlocked and accessed by startups, without needing exorbitant budgets.

Global Markets

Since the Indian startup ecosystem has come of age, many startups now have the ambition of going global, building products out of India that are truly world class and can work seamlessly in global markets. Building world-class products is a hard thing to do, but it can be done and done well, as several successful startups have demonstrated recently. TechSparks 2013 will help you understand the dynamics of building world class products. What are the ingredients that go into a product that can compete in a global market? What are the tips and tricks that successful entrepreneurs have used to build out these products that have successfully won their markets on a global stage? How can that process be replicated by any startup?

So there you have it! YourStory is committed to making TechSparks the most awesome event that you'll see this year. We've brought together all renowned brands like - Sequoia Capital, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Verisign, GoDaddy and more, all under one platform. We're working very hard behind the scenes to bring you more experts, mentors, investors, successful entrepreneurs, corporates and fellow startups to help you get on the rocket ship of success!

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