[Update] Transforming ‘godowns’ across India into organized warehouses: SCM startup, Logiplex

[Update] Transforming ‘godowns’ across India into organized warehouses: SCM startup, Logiplex

Wednesday May 08, 2013,

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Update: MIBS Pvt. Ltd., solution LogipleX has been selected as part of an elite group of finalists in the SAP Startup Challenge. This was announced on 14th  May, 2013 at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW being held at Orlando,FL. MIBS and is the only Asian company to be nominated in its category for the award.

When you’re looking at a godown, especially in India, ‘efficiency’ is not the first word that strikes you. Goods dumped rather haphazardly, a sense of organization is found lacking in many cases and so agreed the folks behind the startup, Mobilistic Innovative Business Solutions.

(L to R) Sreekanth Moni, Umakanta Patra and  P V Mohanram
(L to R) Sreekanth Moni, Umakanta Patra and P V Mohanram

Founded by Sreekanth Moni, this company working in the area of supply chain management is supported by Umakanta Patra & Mohan. An MS in Computer Science and MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, Sreekanth has spent close to two decades in the IT industry both in software product and services in India and abroad and has gained good expertise. Noticing a gap, along with Mohanram and Umakanta who also bring a lot of domain knowledge and experience, he decided to startup.

Focus on product

Setting up the foundation in 2010, the core team was completely focused on building the product for the initial one and a half years.

Application Screen
Application Screen

The product is called Logiplex and it offers Supply Chain Management Solutions. It promises a business to be able to provide the right product, at the right time, at the right place and at the right cost to the customer. Distribution, Procurement management, inventory management and all such activities are covered by Logiplex.

Logiplex is internally funded at the moment and will be looking to raise external investments for their global expansion plans.

The Pilot, USP and Positioning

The product was piloted with a government organization to provide last mile healthcare solutions and the value added was very encouraging for the effectiveness of the product. Logiplex would help organizing the entire supply chain from the time the drug gets manufactured to its final delivery. This exercise gave the team a lot of insights on how to iterate the product and at the end of the two month pilot, MIBS was ready to go out for customers.

“There is competition in the space but we heavily bank on implementation and training,” says Mohanram. Any business which implements Logiplex is ‘hand-holded’ and complete assistance in provided for a smooth transition.

As for any B2B business, positioning is very important (articles on B2B positioning) and MIBS faced this problem in the beginning but they learnt quickly. Positioning as something that works complementary to present systems and augments performance is what worked for them. Logiplex also has industry partnerships with the likes of IBM and SAP which makes their proposition stronger.

Growth and the road ahead

Based out of Bangalore, MIBS has grown to 30 members team and currently serves 5 big customers. MIBS team acquired customers mainly in sectors like Pharma, Automobiles and Retail.

Having streamlined processes to an extent, the focus is now to expand and get more customers. MIBS will also be setting up an office in Mumbai soon. Talking of the future plans, Sreekanth says, “Now we’re pretty well-known in the space and going ahead, we intend to include Middle East and South East Asia as well in the next phase of development.”

Website: MIBS

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