If eCommerce is the space you are interested in, RetailEmall can help you set up shop

If eCommerce is the space you are interested in, RetailEmall can help you set up shop

Tuesday June 11, 2013,

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In the last few years the eCommerce space has seen an astronomical boom. People around the world have started realizing the power of the world wide web, and its ability to exponentially increase both brand visibility and revenue. S3 TechZulla Pvt. Ltd. is a tech-startup that focuses on cloud, open-source and mobility solutions, and as their tagline states they intend to empower your business through technology.

Gaurav Dhiman

RetailEmall is TechZulla’s main offering -- a cloud based SaaS , an eCommerce technology solution for retailers to start their own eCommerce store on the fly -- even if they do not have any technical skills. The story of how it was incepted is interesting.

Gaurav Dhiman had an illustrious career in technology, and had worked with clients like HCL, Infosys, NEC, Cadence in a career that spanned 11 years. However he left behind the world of comfortable corporate, when he decided to solve real world problems in eCommerce. He shared his idea with Puneet Dhiman and Ritu Panesar, both who were running a successful travel startup Travelopod, and they loved the idea almost instantly. Harshdeep Rapal later joined in as an advisor. In October 2012 they launched TechZulla, with Retail Emall as their first product. After RetailEmall they developed two other products, namely Travel CRM(Customer Relationship Management) and an eCommerce solution for customised t-shirts called DesignStudio.

Ritu Panesar

Talking to us about Techzulla’s core competencies, Gaurav says “We help businesses go online and have a web presence. In addition to static informative websites, we develop complex transactional e-commerce web portals.” They not only develop, but can also provide support to host, manage and run your online stores.

They also help with online marketing for their customers, and provide a wide range of services like keyword research, on-page, off-page optimization, social media marketing or PPC campaigns. They also offer a gamut of online marketing and reputation building services. CRM, ERP, Workflows, BI (Business Intelligence) systems are also provided to businesses to streamline their processes and improve overall productivity.


A snapshot of their website
A snapshot of their website

They are currently focusing on developing more products, but in the meantime will continue marketing their existing products. Plans are also afoot to develop mobile apps, to help change the way people currently shop and they are also toying with an idea to develop a solution in the offline advertisement domain. They are actively looking for core team members / co-founders as well as investors for these new ideas on board.

Website: http://www.techzulla.com/

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