InMobi releases report about what it takes to win in the Chinese App Market

Monday June 17, 2013,

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Mobile applications has become a rage among developers and some astonishinguse cases of apps have emerged over the years. There are lots of app development companies in India that cater to the global market via both services and products. China is a huge market and today inMobi released a whitepaper from their experiences to give insights about the Chinese app market.China is the world’s biggest mobile market in terms of subscriber base, and the fastest growing in the history of telecommunications. According to IDC, in February 2013, China overtook the US to become the world’s largest smart device market, with 246 million devices (against the US 230 million) and accounting for 26.5% of all smartphone shipments last year.

Mobile applications (apps) are also growing at an astronomical rate. While the top 100 countries average an app session growth of over 200 percent, China is delivering more than four times this growth rate (870%)

Key results from the survey that was conducted in both US and China:

1. The US and China are comparable markets in terms of appetite for app downloads and usage. Be it proactively searching for new apps, down loading apps or using apps that were downloaded, the Chinese were found to be heavy consumers of apps.

2. While Chinese users are traditionally perceived to be averse to paying for apps, our research indicates that there is a huge market for in-app purchases in China. Also, many Chinese users revealed that price was less of a determinant in driving their download decisions - contrary to what was noticed amongst American users.

3. Receptivity to mobile ads was found to be high in both China and the US with users in both markets preferring ads that recommended apps to them based on their interests and past web browsing history.

Watch our interview with Naveen Tewari, founder of inMobi and the complete report can be downloaded here.

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