LinkedIn Launches Sponsored Updates

Thursday July 25, 2013,

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Following the likes of Facebook and other social media, LinkedIn has announced the launch of Sponsored Updates, providing brands with a new way to build relationships with followers and non-followers. Sponsored Updates will allow companies to promote business content in the newsfeed of LinkedIn members, extending the reach of their page.

Sponsored Updates will appear in member’s feeds on their LinkedIn homepage and will be clearly marked as “sponsored”. Posts will appear across desktop, tablet and mobile and will be available to marketers both on a CPM and CPC basis via a bid-based auction. Companies can track post/campaign effectiveness through comprehensive analytics to glean insights and fine-tune strategy in real time.

Sponsored Update trial was done with companies in a wide range of industries and include Allstate Insurance, Box Inc., Domo, Inc., Charles Schwab & Co., General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, etc.


For more information, read this blog from LinkedIn.

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