Solutions Infini forays into the cloud enabled SaaS industry with Dial Street

Sunday July 28, 2013,

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Solutions Inifini is a Bangalore based startup which started in 2009 as a web development company and has evolved over the years as a fast growing messaging company. The company had rebranded later last year and had mentioned that it was working on a cloud telephony platform- Dial Street. This platform has now launched.

Dialstreet is a cloud-based call and lead logging tool integrated with a virtual business phone number that keeps track of all calls and leads. The space is pretty hot right now with Knowlarity, Exotel and KooKoo going strong. Solutions Infini believes there is still potential space in the industry and hence ventured out building the tool.


So what does Dialstreet do?

Dialstreet provides a virtual business phone number that one can distribute and circulate along with their marketing collateral. Every call that one receives on this number, as a result of the marketing initiatives, gets logged and accounted for. This gives a clear picture of the number and quality of unique leads that were generated through the marketing campaign. Dialstreet has an inbuilt Analytics panel and can also be integrated with third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics, giving a complete analysis of the campaigns and conversions. One can also integrate Dialstreet to an existing CRM.

The product pricing has three models starting with a 3 month model which has a rental of INR 4500 and free calls and SMS worth INR 3000.

More about the product: Dial Street

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