Aaramshop launches in Pakistan, claims to reach breakeven soon in India

Aaramshop launches in Pakistan, claims to reach breakeven soon in India

Tuesday August 06, 2013,

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Aaramshop, a hybrid retail platform that is completely focused on delivering essentials and grocery brand online has launched its operation in Pakistan. Currently, the Pakistan focused portal has been dealing over nine categories including edible oil, household, coffee, tea and cocoa including several others. While checking out the website - Aaramshop.pk, we found that it has been only offering 30 products spanning across all verticals.Importantly, as of now Aaramshop service is only operational in Karachi. Launched in late 2011, Aaramshop has listed more than 3,000 retailers across 30 cities in India using Aaramshop’s as their preferred commerce platform. Their tie-ups with retailers are based on mutual strengths. The retailer has a time-tested local presence, which includes an ability to deliver goods to the doorstep of the consumers in his catchment area. Aaramshop intends to add to this strength with the increased accessibility of the shop on web and mobile devices.

Talking to Yourstory, Vijay Singh, founder and CEO, Aaramshop said “We have outlined sizeable opportunity in Pakistan and at present we have 25 retailers listed in Karachi with two serviceable areas.” After couple of month Aaramshop aims to have at least 100 retailers leveraging its technology platform.

When asked about reaching break-even in India, Singh added “We are little away from reaching profitability in India”. On the home turf the technology platform aspires to extend its technology to 10 more cities. With team of around 15 members Aaramshop plans to roll out immediate services in Chennai and Lucknow. The Delhi based company also looks to raise venture capital fund to scale its technology and operations.

AaramShop was founded by Vijay Singh, who, as an entrepreneur, has a deep focus and passion for brand marketing. Prior to starting AaramShop, he had founded a marketing services agency called Sercon, which he ran for 15 years before exiting the venture after its sale to a strategic investor.

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