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Wednesday August 07, 2013,

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“Tourists don’t know where they've been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

With the rise in income levels and more people preferring to travel to offbeat locations than ever before, the demand for experiential travel is increasing. While people traveling with children still prefer holiday tours, singles and working couples are exploring places that have not been explored earlier and prefer more home stays and self exploration rather than the ones with tourist guides. Building on his love of adventure and exploration, Sandeep Sandhar started Roads Less Travelled (RLT) in 2011. RLT specializes in travel to offbeat locations both within the country and internationally.

Sandeep Sandhar - Founder, Road Less Traveled
Sandeep Sandhar - Founder, Road Less Traveled

Sandeep started his career from Maruti where he was posted in northeast India. During his time at Maruti, he got many opportunities to travel and also formed an adventure club where the members traveled to different locations in north east India. After Maruti, Sandeep also worked with Titan and Samsung Mobile in Bangalore and Delhi but he always took out time to explore places around these cities. In 2009, Sandeep went for a backpacking trip with his wife to Europe. During the trip, Sandeep fell in love with exploring the culture, history and beauty of less explored travel destinations. After returning, Sandeep worked with National Geographic Channel for a brief period.

Travelers hiking in Ladakh
Travelers hiking in Ladakh

What Sandeep saw all this while was the problem faced by urban travelers who are bored of the usual tourist destinations and want to take off to new places, indulge in their hobbies or just need to travel to offbeat destinations for new experiences. The information about such unexplored destinations was hardly available and people were apprehensive when it came to trusting small and unknown tour operators.

Roads Less Travelled solves this problem by offering experiential travel packages to unexplored destinations which includes experiences like village walks, photography and wildlife tours, apart from this they also offer cultural tours along with stays in old forts, British bungalows, home-stays or camps and also arranges for customized trips based on the requirements of travellers.

Talking about traction Sandeep says -

"We are getting extremely good response from the markets where we have launched. We have already become one of the top operators for Manali-Leh Jeep Safaris. On international front we are doing very well in Europe and Masai Mara (Kenya) tours. But the real fun lies in referrals we get from our existing clients and and repeat business for new destinations from same clients. That gives us the biggest satisfaction and the proof that we are on right track."

Despite being a bootstrapped startup, Sandeep made sure that "Road Less Travelled" was cash positive from day one and has been focusing on targeting the people of upper class segment as the main user base. Sandeep offers out of the box travel experiences in wide range of categories like wildlife safaris,village walk, jeep safaris, bike trips, mountaineering, trekking and retreats in home-stays.

"Road Less Traveled" was awarded as a winner in the eTravel and Tourism category at Manthan Awards 2012
"Road Less Travelled" was awarded as a winner in the eTravel and Tourism category at Manthan Awards 2012

In recognition of their hard work and passion "Road Less Travelled" was awarded as a winner in the eTravel and Tourism category at Manthan Awards 2012 in South Asia and Asia Pacific by the External Affairs Minister Mr.Salman Khurshid.

We wish a Sandeep a great Journey with Road Less Travelled.

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