[YS TV] Catching up with Hari Nair, Founder, HolidayIQ

[YS TV] Catching up with Hari Nair, Founder, HolidayIQ

Wednesday August 07, 2013,

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It was a 15 minute wait outside Hari Nair's office and we were expecting a serious man to emerge from the chambers. The HolidayIQ.com founder is known to be a sharp businessman and to many, the three rounds of funding that the company has raised, vastly overshadows other softer, and possibly, more important aspects of Hari.

Hari Nair
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It is a avid traveler in him that got HolidayIQ.com up and running and it is a very big reason behind the glint in his eye and his beaming smile; here was a man who loved what he did. Dressed colorfully, he greeted us warmly, which caught us a little off our guard. We exchanged pleasantries and when we asked him how work is coming along, he said, "I don't think of it as work at all! I'm just building a community!"

As he was plugging his mic on, he said, "You know, before HolidayIQ.com, hosting a TV show was one of the many, many things that I used to do?" And that's about when we realized that there is a lot more to Hari than meets the eye. Sure, his business credentials are validated by the reported 5 million users that HolidayIQ.com attracts every month, the size of his organization and revenue that it is raking in. But Hari, at his core, is an entrepreneur who's in it for his love of travel.

It is very endearing to see a passionate entrepreneur, and you will get to see glimpses of that in the following videos. We present to you, Hari Nair, founder and CEO, HolidayIQ.com -

YS: How did it all start? What is the HolidayIQ.com story in less than a minute? 

YS: 7 years on how has the journey been?

YS: HolidayIQ.com started as a blog and since, there have been a lot of features that the site has added. How do you go about adding these features? What is the decision making process? 

YS: What is the biggest traveller pain point you're looking to solve today?

YS: Your thoughts on the India internet story? 

YS: With a newer people coming online, do you think localization will take precedence in the coming years? 

YS: While hiring, how important is it for the candidate to be passionate about travel?

YS: How will we see HolidayIQ.com scale in the coming months?

YS: After scaling up to where you are, do you have more time on your hands? 

YS: How long do you want to run HolidayIQ.com? Do you have an exit strategy in mind at all? 

YS: Not everyone is as lucky as you to do what you love for a living. What is your advice to those who want to do so? 

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