Sitting on top of device service centers to provide customers a smooth experience: Onsite

Sitting on top of device service centers to provide customers a smooth experience: Onsite

Thursday October 31, 2013,

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Devices stop working and you normally never see it coming. Be it your mobile or laptop, now you have to take time out from your schedule and go to the service center where you wait in long queues to get your device checked and repaired. This is where Onsite comes into the picture. An after sales solutions company, Onsite has a customer experience team which helps you get your device repaired from the authorized service centers without you having to do the running around.


Founded by an enterprising team- Kunal Mahipal, Amar Desai, Rahul Mahipal and Pratik Yagnik- who're all commerce graduates and have worked with various MNC's before starting up Onsite back in 2010. Onsite Care is their offering which is a service that offers door-step convenience for servicing and repairing electronic devices that have gone awry. Onsite picks your device, gets it serviced by authorized service centers and delivers it back to you. Onsite Care service is currently available for over 20 categories of electronic devices.

The service works on a subscription model where the retailers sell directly to the customers who're buying a device. Initial days were tough when they were also trying to sell directly to the consumers but the volumes were very low. “Once we had a couple of big retailers with us, it got easier to convince others and now we have a good lineup. We are selling more than 100,000 subscriptions a month and growing very fast,” says Pratik.

The company has been completely bootstrapped and has grown to a team of 80 people with offices in 6 cities ((Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi) and has the capability to provide the service in 20 cities. Croma, Sangeetha Mobiles and Nokia are some of its marquee clients and the service is becoming the part of a DNA for retailers like Sangeetha Mobiles wherein the subscription comes in the price of the device. Onsite is cashflow positive and intends to expand to more cities soon.

“As a natural extension of the service and based on what our customers were asking us to provide, we recently launched India's most comprehensive extended warranty program for electronics,” says Pratik. This is a cashless service and comes bundled with Onsite Care which is currently being sold on the website and will be soon available with other online portals and offline retailers within an year. The vision is to make the after sales service so strong that the customer never needs to visit a service center after buying a product.

A solid company with a great value proposition, Onsite has bootstrapped all the way over three years and is a good example of genuine value. If you have something to offer that is needed, your service will be lapped up.

Website: Onsite

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