Yellow Seed - Quality & originality in delivering tailored content

Yellow Seed - Quality & originality in delivering tailored content

Tuesday October 29, 2013,

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Aashutosh Katre is a proud winner of 'Young Achiever Award 2013' for Excellence in Entrepreneurship by MACCIA (Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture), for having excelled in every venture.

In his early experience in advertising, hospitality and events, he recognized the need for good and relevant content across all forms of media and there was this big gap which had to be bridged by quality content. His attempt in this direction conceptualized to a startup ‘Yellow Seed’, where they focus on developing original and quality content by specialized teams to deliver engaging tailored content.

Along with developing content both online and offline, it also conducts Content Connect which is a series of workshops covering various forms of written content, to help enhance writing skills. Aashutosh believes that knowledge should be passed on, spread and shared, so they regularly organize open workshops in association with Costa Coffee to train bloggers and aspiring writers on various aspects of content creation.

Yellow Seed has also successfully managed and executed ‘India’s first Speed Blogging Contest,’ managing to generate 15,500 plus words (original content) in 90 minutes. They are setting new milestones by partnering with Shemaroo Entertainment as Content Consultants on a key project around Corporate Chanakya.

Yellow Seed Team

Why did you decide to start up, what was the pain point?

With the digital media space doubling over the last few years, we at Yellow Seed sensed a need for quality content that helps brands and agencies connect with their customers. So we came up with the idea of starting a ‘Content Development’ company which focuses on understanding their requirements and creating the right content for the audience. Yellow Seed was formed as a team of planners and content writers who have passion for writing.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

As soon as we floated the idea of Yellow Seed, projects started pouring in, which further emphasized our belief in the statement that content is king. With changing consumer media consumption habits and new platforms of communication, content has to be tailored to make it relevant. Also, the content has to excite and engage.

Any message for budding entrepreneurs?

Too early for us to give any advice, but one thing must be shared. While on your journey, there will be distractions which will seem very attractive growth opportunities. But stay true to your core idea, and don’t deviate in an attempt to leapfrog.

To get connected to Aashutosh at [email protected]

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