Celebrating The spirit of India with MAD(e) IN INDIA - Pankaj Acharya

Celebrating The spirit of India with MAD(e) IN INDIA - Pankaj Acharya

Sunday November 03, 2013,

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Pankaj Acharya - Founder,  MAD(e) IN INDIA
Pankaj Acharya - Founder, MAD(e) IN INDIA

A great idea often leads to a discussion and a good discussion sometimes leads to starting up. This is what happened in the case of MAD(e) IN INDIA. Started by a veteran and serial entrepreneur Pankaj Acharya, MAD(e) IN INDIA celebrates the spirit, quirkiness of being an India.

Pankaj has over 18 years of experience in Advertising and Marketing and has started with Purple Focus group in 1996 to provide 360 brand engagement solutions. Apart from Purple Focus Group till today Pankaj has co-founded four more companies – Fusion Events, Saints & Warriors Communications, MAD(e) IN INDIA and Innovative Ideators, spearheading a team of 130 people spread across offices in Indore, Mumbai & Delhi.

MAD(e) IN INDIA is a lifestyle brand which focuses on everything India and sell products which showcase the indianness on the products. The products range is a very big one and contains every product you can imagine.

Apart from an ecommerce store they also have offline presence at stores in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai and other cities.

Talking about starting the MAD(e) IN INDIA brand, Pankaj says, “I had been running the MAD(e) IN INDIA community on Facebook for a while now. Essentially this platform was a blog about India and Indianness. And had been toying with this Idea. But when I met my Dear friend and now the COO of MAD(e) IN INDIA and were discussing this idea, the resonance which got built up during the discussion was I feel the moment of reckoning. And that’s when it all started.”


Though the venture is self funded, the future looks bright with a great lineup of products they are also selling their products using Flipkart and other online ecommerce partners apart from their own portal.

When talking about ecommerce, last few years have seen an entire cycle from speculation about the future and the impending bubble to finally gaining acceptance, a lot of sites have cropped up and gaining visibility in the space has been a real challenge. Talking about visibility Pankaj says, “But one dataset we are really proud of is our community on facebook where we have about 3.35 lakh subscribers. And I feel this will really help us in realizing our dreams.” Although facebook likes are not something to bank upon but we can at least hope that these will help them get an edge over the competition.

Click here to visit MAD(e) IN INDIA. We wish them a great journey.

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