Now mystery shop through Red Quanta phone app


If you love shopping, what can be better than getting paid back for the shopping you do? While this is not possible in everyday life, such a possibility exists if you are a Mystery Shopper – where the shopper is shopping with the intent of assessing the product or quality of service of a particular company at the behest of the company. And for taking this effort of giving qualitative feedback to the company, they reimburse you. Shoppers are informed of the assignment and those who pass the profiling criteria are selected to perform the audit. The actual audit is even simpler - the shopper visits a store or experiences a service like a normal customer, and makes observations on key parameters like store ambience, staff’s selling ability etc. Post this, they fill up an online questionnaire and submit it to Red Quanta. In return, they get a pre-decided incentive for their time and effort. This then becomes a valued feedback which helps to garner a reality perception map for the brand.This service has been traditionally provided by many brand consulting companies, but now we have a startup, Red Quanta, that has found a niche to do just this. Founded by Pankaj Guglani two years ago, Red Quanta has today grown into a sizeable business. We had spoken to founder Pankaj when the venture had just launched, and recently caught up with him to map the progress.

From 10 clients in the first year to 250 clients today, Red Quanta has grown exponentially. The shoppers network working with Red Quanta to service this 250 clients is 30,000 strong and spread across the length and breadth of the country. Today Red Quanta offers its services in over 550 cities in India as well as a few other countries. The startup recently launched its mobile app, which lets shoppers select, sign up and perform audits on the go. The app lets shoppers browse through a variety of assignments, get more information on the ones they are interested in and also sign up for the same. The shoppers are also constantly updated about new brands, new assignments and mystery shopping related news from around the city. The app will be available through both Android as well as iOS platform.The startup has worked with brands like Sony, Reliance Digital, French Connection, Calvin Klien, Pepsi, ITC and Nissan among others. On the expansion plans, Pankaj says they plan to grow across industry verticals, services offered and geographies. “We are looking to build separate business units for different sectors like automobile, real estate, hospitality etc. to offer more specialized services. In terms of services offered also, we have a few innovative services in pipeline to complement our existing offerings. We are already serving our clients in some of the international markets and plan to increase our global footprint soon,” he says.