A pilot whose flight didn't take off but the entrepreneurial spirit certainly did

A pilot whose flight didn't take off but the entrepreneurial spirit certainly did

Sunday November 03, 2013,

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Amol Suhas Ghemud has had a journey full of twists. Dropping out of Sinhagad College, Pune while studying engineering, Amul chased his dream of becoming a pilot. He cleared the exams in Delhi and completed flying in Australia. He was all set to fly but the when he came to India in 2008, Indian aviation wasn't in cruise mode due to early expansion of Indian aviation market. “I was selected for paramount airwaves and Go air but refuse their offer as they ask for 'self endorsement training',” says Amol.Things weren't working out for Amol and who took an year out to figure out things. “After some mind clearing, I started a pharmaceutical distributorship business with a friend. In first year we cross sale of Rs.50 lakh,” says Amol. He realized his management and entrepreneurial skills and to hone them, Amol decided to do an MBA during which he used to work voluntarily for an NGO. He then took up a job but couldn't stick to it long enough.

Probably the definition of a deviant, Amol has now started up TrekTo. “At heart, I am infected by wanderlust. I love to meet people and explore new places which I used to do on most weekends. I used to go for a lot of treks all around and used to get info about treks only through friends or newspaper announcements,” he recollects as to why the idea for TrekTo came to mind. TrekTo.in aims to be the central information portal for adventure activity. Work on the product began in July and the product launched on August 15, 2013.


“Users will get all info about all adventure activities across India at one location. They can compare different groups providing same facility on basis of price, date, expertise, offerings, etc,” says Amol. TrekTo has very limited features as of now and is building on the inventory to have more treks across the country. A venture in its infancy, TrekTo has a long way to go from its current MVP to stand out as a product that trekkers would love to frequent.

Website: TrekTo

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