Top 20 Quotes from Mobile Sparks 2013!

Top 20 Quotes from Mobile Sparks 2013!

Wednesday December 18, 2013,

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The annual YourStory Mobile Sparks 2013 conference and showcase of Indian startups revealed not just the Top 10 notable mobile startups of India, but a wealth of insights and advice from investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, authors, techies and designers.

MobileSparks 2013

Here is my pick of the Top 20 quotes for mobile innovators.

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Mobile is the biggest platform in the history of mankind.

- Karthee Madasamy, Qualcomm Ventures

Growth is uni-dimensional, scale is multi-dimensional.

- Subroto Bagchi, Mindtree

Mobile commerce will be a multi-trillion industry, not just multi-billion.

- Abinash Tripathy, Helpshift

Apps come and go, ecosystems are what will stay.

- Rahul Razdan, Tencent WeChat

Mobiles can help create not just a consumer revolution but a citizen revolution.

- Pronita Saxena, NextDrop

It now takes only 60 days for new smartphones to reach 20 million subscribers worldwide in sales.

- Dongshin Jung, Samsung

Sensors in smartphones are enabling new kinds of commerce not at all possible in the Web era.

- Abinash Tripathy, HelpShift

Even if you are in love with technology, you have to understand branding.

- Subroto Bagchi, Mindtree

Localisation is not just about translation, it is about understanding culture.

- Virat Khutal, Twist Mobile

Mobile apps can be global from Day One.

- Bharati Jacob, Seedfund

There is a golden opportunity for Indian mobile startups to disrupt global players.

- Shekhar Kirani, Accel Partners

The world is your market in mobile apps.

- Abinash Tripathy, HelpShift

Reputation is currency today.

- Subroto Bagchi, Mindtree

You can’t just say “let’s bootstrap and then design later” – you have to build in UX and UI right from the start.

- Ashwini Ashokan, Intel

Smartphones are powering the Internet of everything.

- Karthee Madasamy, Qualcomm Ventures

Advertising is not dead in mobile, it has not yet started!

- Girish Ramdas, Magzter

Meeting the unstated need of the unknown customer - that is the bleeding edge of innovation.

- Subroto Bagchi, Mindtree

Silicon Valley folks can’t even imagine the kinds of problems that exist in emerging economies; Indian startups can target this space and expand to other emerging economies.

- Rutvik Doshi, Inventus Capital

You can keep fishing in the Bay of Bengal, there’s enough fish there!

- Abinash Tripathy, Helpshift

The world needs love, food, a good night’s sleep, and security – not just social media or mobiles or cloud or Big Data!

- Subroto Bagchi, Mindtree

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