Onenumber: Building a one-stop solution for customers’ local delivery needs


Saurabh Kumar is a civil engineer who went on to get an MS in Transport Engineering from the Universty of Texas at Austin. Saurabh worked with a few corporates and a startup (Rasilant) from where he decided to take the plunge with Onenumber. Based out of Gurgaon, Onenumber is a local delivery services company. “We provide on-demand pick up and drop services from your neighborhood shops with a 45-minute delivery promise,” says Saurabh.Onenumber is primarily a local logistics and delivery company with the idea of building a one-stop solution for customer's local delivery needs. “We enable customers to shop from their neighbourhood stores from the comfort of their homes and have everything delivered to their doorstep in the time it takes them to go out and shop,” says Saurabh. The service was launched on November 12, 2013, in Gurgaon with restaurant listings, grocery, and pharmacy categories. People can browse restaurant menus and grocery items and can order online or by phone. For pharmacy and other products, people can fill in a form and Onenumber delivers.

In terms of restaurant orders, there are quite a few competitors like JustEat, Deliverychef, Delyver and hence Onenumber decided to back out of it for now. "We had restaurants but we saw that 90% of our orders were with grocery and pharmacy and hence the decision to focus on these two," says Saurabh. In terms of grocery orders, the idea is to make grocery shopping easy for customers while also allowing local grocery shops to cater to a larger online population without the need for an investment into building an online platform. Onenumber does product listings and passes on the orders to the local grocery stores based on the delivery address and availability of products. Pharmacy and other items works very similar to grocery orders.

Talking about the vision, Saurabh says, “You only have to keep one phone number or log onto one website and order food, grocery, pharmacy, etc. all in one go and we manage the logistics.” Since its launch, Onenumber has delivered 500+ orders in about six weeks. One number has an in house delivery team but also lets partners deliver if they have in-house delivery capacity. In its early days, Onenumber is still testing the waters and will probably expand once the operations are setup in Gurgaon.

Website: Onenumber