Forgot to call girlfriend? Android app Call Looper to the rescue

Forgot to call girlfriend? Android app Call Looper to the rescue

Saturday February 08, 2014,

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Ashutosh Valani, co-founder, MGuru

Sandeep Nair once forgot to wish his girlfriend on her birthday and had to face the music the next morning. To save himself from similar situations in the future, he roped in his childhood friend Ashutosh Valani to create an app called Call Looper. The app helps you schedule calls, text messages and emails for auto dispatch. While there are many paid call scheduling apps, Call Looper is free to download (Android only).

Ashutosh pursued international business from Brunel University and entered into e-commerce business while Sandeep has a MCA degree. The duo founded MGuru, a web marketing agency, the company behind Loop Caller.

Call Looper allows users to pre-schedule multiple calls and SMSes which are to be sent. The user is required to add the phone

Call Looper screenshot

number of the contact, pick a date and time at which the alarm must be set. While placing calls, there is an option to switch automatically to speaker for the scheduled call.“We got together to solve the problem in October 2013 and hired freelance app developers to shape the product we had in mind,” says Sandeep. Launched in November 2013, Call Looper is available on Android. Within two weeks of its debut on play store, Call Looper amassed over 1000 plus downloads. The app received phenomenal response not only from the youth but also from older citizens and has a rating of 4.5 on the play store.

Call Looper offers call repeat option that lets users pick the number of times a call needs to be repeated and the frequency. “Imagine making calls to 10 clients at different times in the day. Call Looper can be used to create a schedule for calling these clients in advance,” adds Ashutosh. The app that is about 307 kb will not weigh down any Android or iOS device assures Ashutosh.

The app also has a ‘block call’ feature which enables users to block calls from certain numbers or lists on a user’s phone. Call Looper also lets users choose the date and time between which any particular calls are to be blocked.

At this stage, the duo isn’t looking to generate revenue. “Our sole purpose is to make people's lives better and easier. We will look into the revenue model once we have enough downloads to work with,” points out Ashutosh.

The app is specifically meant for the Indian user and the duo invested about Rs. 60,000 to develop the app for Android phones. Call Looper plans to improve the app consistently with the help of user feedbacks. The Ahmadabad-based company will also launch the app on iOS soon.