Does Teewe do justice to your TV?


Bangalore-based Mango Man Consumer Electronics started with the mission to change the way digital content is consumed and, is launching its new product, Teewe, on the morning of August 28th. Teewe is a media streaming dongle which extends the connected home entertainment experience for the next generation and will be open for pre-orders exclusively via Snapdeal.

Product Review

Yourstory got access to Teewe’s HDMI dongle to play around with before the official public launch. Here is an in-depth product review on our first impressions of the device.

Package Contents: One Teewe HDMI Dongle with a rubberized matte finish, One HDMI Extension cable, Wall outlet power adapter with a Micro USB Output

Specifications: The Device is a complete CPU with a Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Processor, 1.5+ GHz and 1GB of DDR 3 RAM. Works with any TV with an HDMI Port and needs a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connection to stream

Software Supported: Android and iOS apps, Windows and Mac Desktop Media Server Applications

Setting up:

Setting up the Teewe HDMI dongle by plugging it into our television set was simple and easy. We then downloaded the Teewe pp on multiple devices, so that we could check it out thoroughly . The last step was to make sure the HDMI dongle and our smartphones were connected over the same Wi-Fi network as we had multiple active Wi-Fi networks at our location.

Test Run:

The app has a slick User Interface and good UX as well. We were able to play videos through YouTube and play content such as videos and photos that were stored on our own devices .

We were able to schedule videos into a queue by selecting different videos from multiple devices. You also have the option of jumping the queue and playing your desired video immediately as well.

Content stored on our laptops could also be played through the Teewe app. We were also able to fast forward through the video, and control the volume through our smartphone. The search bar within the app helped us type, find and access content without the need to actually scroll and search for it.

On the whole, the entire experience was seamless and we really enjoyed the practical features that the device offered. In effect, it turned every smartphone in our office into a remote control.

Most suited for:

This device is most suited for people who enjoy watching content online or prefer to download and enjoy their media. Rather than watching it on a laptop, it makes much more sense to watch it on a much larger television screen and get a better experience.

Also suitable for people who love throwing parties and don’t want their guests fighting over the remote.

Comparison with competitors:

Teewe is more suited for the Desi audience as the team has aggregated and curated data from online sources to provide a better experience in their app, where everything can be controlled with a few taps.

For example, they have Indian TV shows properly curated season by season.

The team is also planning to bring an Internet TV approach soon and Live TV as well for Indian consumers. This would be a welcome add on.

This device closely resembles Google’s Chromecast but has its own USP. Compared to the INR 3700 price tag of Chromecast, Teewe is available for INR 1999.

YS Verdict:

On the whole, it was a fun and unique TV watching experience. The device provided a hassle free, wireless way to play and access our content on our television. In the end, it all boils down to value for money and I felt that Teewe did justice to its price tag, and is a definite must try.

Do check out their website here for more details.


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