Appiterate delivers more than 100 million 'personalised messages' in a month. Here's how

Appiterate delivers more than 100 million 'personalised messages' in a month. Here's how

Wednesday December 10, 2014,

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Appiterate is a mobile engagement and marketing automation company headquarterd in Delhi with a sales office in the US. It has four solutions to help automate marketing campaign and increase app engagement. The team got into the product space in 2013 and has had a journey full of milestones.

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The beginning

Appiterate was incubated as a product within DSYN which started out as a services firm. Founded by Tanuj Mendiratta, Anuj Bhargva, Mayank Kumar and Varun Sharma, Appiterate was launched as an A/B testing tool for mobiles. A/B testing is a methodology to test out two variants and experiment to find out which version works better with the audience. With the world moving towards mobile, it was becoming critical to have this functionality for mobile. This is where Appiterate came in.

Expansion, funding and growth

With the A/B testing product, Appiterate had clients who were happy with the product and were asking for more. “It was a natural progression to extend and become a compelling mobile marketing automation platform once the initial piece was up and running well,” says Tanuj.

Appiterate began helping companies to combine mobile and big data to do 1:1 targeting of their customers and solve use cases such as cart abandonment, new product launches, and cross promotions etc. “Our aim is to help companies turn mobile app downloads in real dollars,” says Tanuj.

Appiterate raised about $500k from SAIF Partners, Greg Badros and Prashant Malik. The funding was used to grow faster and has helped Appiterate to setup a sales office in the US. The team strength stands at 15. Mainly data scientists, the team has built a 'machine learning algorithm' that lets companies send users messages at the 'right time' by intelligently predicting what time they are most likely to read the message. Greg Badros, Angel investor in Appiterate, Ex VP of Technology and Product at Facebook says,

It's great to see AppIterate's solutions getting traction in the marketplace -- I was blown away by the thoughtfulness and power of their product when I first saw it... their technology can help every mobile app be better at getting better and ultimately help their partners win.


The globe is the market for Appiterate and with the internet scene booming in India, the home market is not something the company is neglecting. “We have recently signed on clients such as Snapdeal, Healthkart, GoIbibo, Ola Cabs, Taxiforsure etc in India and FOX in the US. The momentum and uptake in the market is great as we are signing up billion dollar clients in both geographies,” says Tanuj.

There is competition for Appiterate, and there are a lot of marketing automation tools, but Tanuj and team claims their solution to be the most feature rich. And with the number of companies out there and the need for most to go mobile, solutions like Appiterate have a huge market. With their current clientele, Appiterate is delivering more than 100 million 'personalised' messages every month (annual run rate of 1.2bn) and is doubling that in every three months.

In essence, Appiterate handles millions of events (at present more than a billion a month) and does predictive analytics over the data through machine learning to target users better. These events are data points about user behaviour. Giving an example about the results, Tanuj says, “We powered Snapdeal push notifications and in-app messages during the Diwali sale. And the results were great. On an average, we are driving up to 300% increase in revenue for clients through intelligently targeted push notification and in-app messages.”


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The company has been studying user behaviour very closely and has also released some white papers -- Marketing and Optimization tactics for e-commerce apps, In-app marketing, etc. With more and more companies going mobile, the road ahead looks promising for Appiterate.

Website: Appiterate

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