About #DeveloperStories

Sunday July 19, 2015,

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What is the secret that is helping some startups today build billion-dollar companies? While they do have a great product and strategy in place, these startups are able to achieve super-fast growth without burning their pockets with a lot of help from developer tools.

From harnessing customer insights, using data to better understand user habits and perceptions, keeping track of app traffic, or enabling better discoverability, tech enthusiasts will agree that developer tools have become a key component. More importantly, they are enabling startups to build, grow, and monetise products and services in ways never imagined before.

#DeveloperStories is an initiative brought to you by Facebook for Developers, in collaboration with YourStory. The #DeveloperStories series focuses on startup success stories told through the eyes of developers who have innovated and created products which are changing the business landscape of today. This is a great opportunity for organisations of all sizes – from startups to multinationals – who are serious about fast-tracking their business, to learn from those who have successfully implemented developer tools to grow their business.