With 180K+ downloads ConfirmTkt secures seed funding from Pravin Agarwala and others

With 180K+ downloads ConfirmTkt secures seed funding from Pravin Agarwala and others

Sunday July 05, 2015,

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Mobile focused train ticket discovery and prediction platform ConfirmTkt has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Pravin Agarwala among other angels. The funds will help company to improve technology, hire new talent and to grow as a ticket discovery tool which can show all the possible ways to get a confirmed ticket.


Pravin is a serial entrepreneur and headed the cloud based computing division for SAP as its VP for several years. He is currently the advisor and director for various technology led start ups besides being the co-founder and CEO of Better place safety solutions private limited.

ConfirmTkt predicts chances of train ticket confirmation based on historical trends. These predictions help users assess risks of booking a wait-listed ticket and plan the trip accordingly.

The brainchild of Sripad Vaidya and Dinesh Kumar Kotha, ConfirmTkt also contributes to ticket discovery in trains by effective utilization of all the available quotas on a train. Dinesh Kumar Kotha, co-founder Confirmtky, said,

In the coming quarters our primary focus would be on mobile as 80% of the user base is on mobile and it is doubling every quarter . Our mobile platforms serve 15k active users (approximately) on a daily basis.

Of late the company had amassed over 170K downloads on Android and 16K on Window platform. Dinesh added,

Close to 50% of our app users are active and they use ConfirmTkt at least once in a month.

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How ConfirmTkt works?

The intelligence behind the ConfirmTkt PNR predictions is very close to how humans think. “Humans predict and act on the future based on past experiences. Similarly, the ConfirmTkt algorithm analyses the past ticketing trends and predicts one’s ticket confirmation chances,” revealed Sripad. It also maintains confirmation thresholds for every train and predicts the ticket confirmation chances based on them.

Confirmation threshold is the highest limit/value beyond which the ticket confirmation chances are thin. It’s primarily dependent on factors like class of travel, past ticketing trends and month of travel among several others. ConfirmTkt availability feature shows the actual room available for booking even though the ticket is in waitlist. Algorithm interprets these numbers by comparing the current availability with the ticket confirmation thresholds.

ConfirmTkt competes with Trainman, which predicts the likely status of a ticket by using machine learning. It collects journey details in advance for each train and builds model based on heuristics. The system trains itself and the accuracy is increased as more searches happen.

App: Android & Windows