Pals Global Solutions – from clients in Europe to helping farmers in Indonesia

Pals Global Solutions – from clients in Europe to helping farmers in Indonesia

Friday July 03, 2015,

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Pals Global Solutions is an innovative startupin the field of information technology solutions and services, and was founded around two years back. The Pals Global Solutions team started off with just four members and has now grown into a 50-member team, made up of highly experienced and passionate professionals. Their aim is to provide solutions for today's business requirements, thereby taking some burden off their clients’ shoulders and by helping them focus on their core business and profitability. They also strongly believe in creating a positive social change to their customers and the larger community.

This is evident from the Virtual AGRI Service (VAS), their comprehensive platform for farmers, developed in technical collaboration with Food and Agri Business School (FABS). Once farmers download an app onto their mobiles, they just have to click the images of whatever issues their crops are facing from pests to poor growth, and the images get uploaded on the cloud. This helps experts based in other locations to understand the problem and provide solutions.

Even more user friendly is the fact that the farmer can just talk about the problem in his native language and send a voice clip. Pals Global Solutions has received a contract from United Nations to deploy this platform for farmers in Indonesia.

Palakoti Phanidhar is at the helm of Pals Global Solutions as CEO. With more than a decade of work experience with Microsoft, Palakoti is now striving to transform Pals Global Solutions into a truly global organisation. He says the startup helps customers realize their potential through their progressive solutions in the area of cloud computing technologies. The cloud and share point solutions offered by them have helped clients in the US, the Middle East and India. Based out of Hyderabad, this startup also has presence in the Netherlands and Dubai.


Their services portfolio enables them to provide integrated solutions that help their customers realize value quickly and improve business agility. Their cloud solutions built on Microsoft Azure transform the way IT organizations deliver services to their end users leveraging either Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service or Software-as-a-Service. This means applications can be delivered to end users faster than ever, without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. Being "on time and on budget" has always been a hallmark of their engagements. And they believe in maximizing their client's IT investments. Palakoti says, “Microsoft Azure enables us to provide highly scalable and agile solutions to our customer. Azure also gives us a competitive edge by making our products and service a superior one.”

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Like the Virtual AGRI Service platform for farmers, Pals Global Solutions also has a collaborative learning platform built on Microsoft Azure which has been purchased by a client in Netherlands. The platform will help institutions by improving quality of training as well as offering more convenience. Students can easily connect to this portal for learning through online collaboration with peers and teachers. Institutions can upload courses which are delivered through recorded videos, white papers and informational links. Subject matter experts will be able to deliver interactive sessions remotely using live sessions. This platform is aimed at giving youth the access to education, without being restricted by their location or physical disabilities, if any.

Right now, the Pals Global Solutions team is busy with the VAS app which will kick-start in Indonesia in August. We just observed World Environment Day earlier this month. It is heartening that startups are giving high priority to social sustainability along with profitability.


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