Pune based Coditas acquires Android development firm SudoSaints

Pune based Coditas acquires Android development firm SudoSaints

Wednesday August 26, 2015,

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Coditas, a Pune based software development and user experience consultancy, today announced that it has acquired SudoSaints, an android development and design firm. With the acquisition, the entire team of 11 at SudoSaints joins Coditas. The financial details of the deal have not been disclosed.

Coditas was founded by Mitul Bid and Janak Porwal, Computer Science graduates from IIT Bombay. Their vision for Coditas is to change the perception on the software services industry in India. “We believe that Software is not only about fulfilling functional requirements but also creating intuitive and elegant user experiences,” says Mitul. They realized that software development is outsourced to India primarily to save cost. And this was a perception they want to change.

A services company, Coditas has been profitable from the first month. Starting out in November 2014, Coditas has an impressive client list. “From vacation rental portals to heart rate monitoring on smartphones, Coditas has converted many challenging client visions into reality,” says Mitul. Coditas boasts of clients like Monsanto, Sencha and more global clients.


They offer services pertaining to the entire software development life cycle- engaging clients at any stage, right from conceptualization to deployment and support. They are open to all models but list down three main models with which they work-

  • Build, Operate, Transfer (building transferable softeware development teams)- Clients wishing to set up development centers engage in this model. Coditas helps to build the team with full transparency and whenever the client is ready, the team is transferred to the client entity.
  • Remote resource augmentation- This model is for clients who already have an existing team and wish to add remote team members. Coditas has experience working with remote client teams across different timezones and variety of collaborative and communication tools.
  • Managed solution delivery- A model preferred by clients wanting minimal involvement with timely deliveries, Coditas takes ownership of the entire solution delivery and works towards achieving agreed upon timelines.


In SudoSaints, Coditas found a team sharing the same vision. SudoSaints was founded by Chandan Mishra and Varun Srinivas, with a goal of making people’s life easy with an intelligent and simple user experience on the Android platform. After delivering more than 50 android application, SudoSaints wanted to reach out to a larger global audience. They have known Coditas from the day of their inception and strongly believe in their vision. With a common vision both Coditas and SudoSaints are looking to combine their collective skills and give the best to their clients.

Website: Coditas